Websites & Shopping

Websites I love. Websites I refer to. Websites I look stuff up on. Websites that entertain me. Websites that help. Websites that give me ideas. Websites that take my money way too often. Keep an eye on this list as it will no doubt grow. And, maybe I should say, at this time, I get zero dollars for these recommendations, although I would certainly wouldn’t turn it down:)

Jim’s Pancakes

Hubbard’s Cupboard



Enchanted Learning

Science Bob

Melissa & Doug


Websites my kids love. Websites I feel are worth my kids’ time. Hmmm….surely there are more than 4. Well, for now there’s 4. The iPad has kind of taken over our house for now, so there’s 3.



Magic Tree House




I’ve added specific shopping recommendations on Think Magnet Amazon Store Link, which was the easiest way I found to share product recommendations for you. I should disclose I do get a small percentage of any sales through that link.  Watch those individual sellers for inflated prices carefully and I highly recommend using your local library for books & DVDS!

Here are other websites from companies I use for shopping! (I do not receive a kickback from the links below.)

Lakeshore Learning

Melissa & Doug

Think Fun