Teachable Moments


Learning opportunities are all around, sometimes at 8am on a Wednesday, a teachable moment presents itself before school even begins. It’s my favorite kind of learning. Impulsive. Random. Inspired. Bonus Points for hilarious. When you are a Think Magnet…you jump on it…on 1 leg like a pink flamingo if you have to…in pajamas. (PS. We […]

Think Boards!


Thanks to the dollar bin at Target this week and leftover scrapbook paper, I finally made my children “Think Boards” for $3! It’s a project that had been in my mind for months, but buying new frames wasn’t in the budget so I kept putting it off. But for $3, bring it on! The frames […]

Me+Car Door = Harry Potter


Oh life…you just have to laugh. Maybe it was the flip flops. Maybe it was the slope of the driveway. ┬áBut, probably it was because I am a total klutz. It happened so fast as I went to join the carline at school. I opened the car door on my face. On my FACE! Blood […]