Akeelah and the Bee


It’s totally up to you to decide whether watching the full movie is appropriate for your children. It’s rated PG.¬†Here’s a link that will give you more details about that.¬† Akeelah uses rhythm and movement as one way to help her spell. This may be an idea to try with your child for studying their […]

Sweet Spelling


Once upon a time there were two beautiful witches who returned from a night of Trick or Treating with 3lbs of candy a piece, not including a little Mario who had nearly 4lbs! While the older witch had a magical love for spelling, the other had a magical love for candy. Buddy the Elf from […]

Alphabet Soup


Have you ever taken the time to play with your alphabet soup? I think you should. That is all. –Shelisa

Flour Power


My time in early childhood classes (and the fact that messes find me) made me a huge fan of sensory experiences for my kids. Take a skill from a worksheet, remove pencil and paper, add flour (or sugar or pudding or whipped cream), and wah-lah….more fun and extra credit when it’s edible. Here the kids […]