Welcome 2 the Jungle!


I had been dying to work in my 8th grade “Welcome to the Jungle” theme back in my life for years. By the time my middle daughter starting walking, then climbing on everything during every waking minute , I knew I found my Guns and Roses kid. I printed this monkey picture (a prior Halloween […]

USA Party


This has been my favorite birthday celebration to date, and I think it would make a perfect summer vacation theme. My son’s state obsession started at age 4 with the book “Scrambled States of America” which I’ve read a gazillion times. Then enter an iPad App called “Stack the States”. I thought it looked fun […]

Yellow Party


Let me set a small stage. We had been at a corporate apartment for about a month after moving 12 hours away from our family. The kids were 3 months, 18 months, and the birthday girl turning 3. It was crazy. We were still trying to make sense of all the stuff we brought to […]

Birthday Philosophy


I have an addiction. Themes. I love teaching around themes. We kind of naturally fall into themes around here, as you will see. So, it’s natural, around birthday time for the kids to pick a theme that’s not always available to buy at Party City, hence a lot of brainstorming and creativity ensues. The 1st […]