Revenge Plan

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Having children is not easy. You hear that a lot before you have them, you just don’t fully comprehend it until you actually become a parent. Your learning curve depends on what kind of first born you receive. Ours was not easy, yet we pressed on to 3 kids in 31 months. Thankfully, we have a […]

Parenting Perseverance


For this month’s parenting post on Playdough to Plato, I wanted to share something I’ve spent much time lately thinking about. I have three really cool kids, who are all sensitive in different ways. While we honor sensitivity and tender hearts around here, I’m also seeing the need for a bit more grit…not too much, […]

Sleep Deprivation is Torture


With the first child, you can “sleep when the baby sleeps”, (at least before you go back to work), which works ok if your baby sleeps. I was not so blessed in the sleep department with my first. Even the nurses at the hospital laughed about how wide awake she was, often screaming. One nurse […]

Cuppa Tea: A Love Poem to Moms


For the sweet, goofy, amazing moms who read my blog, and the 3 dads and 5 grandmas that do too. I still feel dorky hitting the publish button on most days, but your comments and stories keep me moving forward. I hope I can be a teeny, tiny part of your day once in awhile. […]



Focus on the yellow shirt kid for a minute… Going….. Going…. GONE….Hello Meltdown, we know you well… Itty bitty babies can have HUGE meltdowns… Portrait Meltdowns I hate soccer meltdowns Wedding Meltdowns Meltdowns about melting down Public Meltdowns Stroller Meltdowns Car Seat Meltdowns The “Happy Father’s Day I’ll Remove Crabby Baby From the Restaurant While […]

Spilt Milk

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I am an expert on spilt milk. The person who invented the phrase “Don’t cry over spilt milk” had to be a parent of young kids. If you own a child or 2 or 3 or 4 or 7  of them and cried over spilt milk, you’d be crying all the time. Save your tears. […]