A Fulfilling Ornament Project


Cheap + Unbreakable + Fine Motor + Pretty= perfect ornament project for your students or children. Gather up pretty paper, scissors, and pencils. I made a station for each child. I bought these plastic ornaments at Michael’s for  50 cents! Best part, other than it being cheap and unbreakable, is that you can’t mess it […]

Just Roll With It


Oldest child will sit for hours and “study”, always has. She loves homework. Jury still out on the youngest. Middle kid….not so much. She’s usually bouncing or upside down. This doesn’t really work for “sit down and do your homework”, so we roll with it. Literally. Wednesday vocabulary sentences Week 1 she sat at the […]

Homework: Taking some of the work out


I know there’s a time to learn to sit and study, but I keep in mind my kids do that often in their school classroom. Depending on their age and personality, they may need to babble and toddle with homework before they run. At home, we try to keep the kids as in charge of […]

Sweet Spelling


Once upon a time there were two beautiful witches who returned from a night of Trick or Treating with 3lbs of candy a piece, not including a little Mario who had nearly 4lbs! While the older witch had a magical love for spelling, the other had a magical love for candy. Buddy the Elf from […]

Flour Power


My time in early childhood classes (and the fact that messes find me) made me a huge fan of sensory experiences for my kids. Take a skill from a worksheet, remove pencil and paper, add flour (or sugar or pudding or whipped cream), and wah-lah….more fun and extra credit when it’s edible. Here the kids […]