Early Writing


Being a writer was the first thing I remember wanting to become, so naturally I’ve always had an affinity and fascination with both the process and product. I am an imperfect writer with a comma addiction. My grammar rules are fuzzy, but my passion for writing is undeniable as is my desire to help foster […]

Ten Apples Up On Top: Dr. Seuss Activity


Hard to pass up Dr. Seuss’s birthday without posting some of his magic…Click here for a free printable of this easy book activity! We did this quick Math and Literacy Book Response when the kids were 5, 4, & 3.  My kids all loved this book, and I had a whole bunch of apples stickers […]

The End


My 4 year old son had read the word “End” on the microwave when I was cooking his oatmeal one morning. ALERT-ALERT, TEACHABLE MOMENT! 😉 I whipped out one of our whiteboards and jumped on it in between bites of oatmeal. ME: “Dawson, can you write the word “end”? Awesome buddy. If you can write […]