People ask me how we manage plug-in time. The AAP recommends no screen time for age 2 and under and less than 2 hours for children. At our house, we are trying to teach the children about limiting it themselves and using it wisely.  As we  teach them about personal responsibility with nutrition, hygiene, and exercise…we also talk daily about screen time. It makes sense to them when I compare it to dessert consumption–not the only thing you eat, not after every meal, or even every day, and some desserts are better for you than others.  I don’t keep a chart or time them by the minute, but help them stay within healthy limits…on most days. While I do love a pajama + movie day once in awhile, we also have  “unplugged” days or afternoons or mornings. This past summer we stayed unplugged the entire first month of summer. It wasn’t easy for me either! 😉  I find, when I’m on my “A” game, we unplug. When I need some time to X,Y or Z, we plug into a variety of screen time that is fun and/or educational, preferably both;)

While I can’t say I recommend watching TV upside down, my middle kid definitely would tell you to give it a try. –Shelisa