Family Love You Box


It’s Love Box time! For the record, ANY time of the year can be love box time. Everyone likes to hear why they are loved and appreciated, right?  And philosophically, everyday should be Valentine’s Day…so we’re stretching out the reason for the season for 2 weeks at our house. We’re setting up a “love box” right […]

An UnPinterest Valentine’s Day: Having your cupcake and the time to eat it too.


So, the plan was to make some uber adorable cupcake cones, Thank You Pinterest, for my Valentine Daughter’s class Valentine Party at school. I signed up for both of my daughters classrooms months ago.  50 Sweet treats for V Day.  I’m on it. Well Life happens…a whole lot of life has happened the past month […]

Sweetheart Graph


There’s something extra fun about sorting, counting, graphing, comparing (and eating!) these Valentine Sweethearts! Adjust activities and help as needed per child. You could make it into a game to collect the hearts by adding in dice or a color cube. Roll and collect until hearts are gone, then sort, graph, count, and compare. While […]