Middle Kid Awesomeness


I don’t buy into all the birth order stuff, but I do find it fascinating, right along with simply analyzing my children’s personalities. In my child development classes in my undergrad, I leaned more towards nurture over nature, sighting examples from my adopted brother. But, as I became a parent, I realized I had less control […]

Kids Cafe!


I know for sure that many of the best ideas in our house come from ignoring my kids. Not in an unsafe, unhealthy way of course, but in a “go play!” way….in a non-pinterest, unplanned “go play!” way…in a “your eyes are bleeding from the Wii, turn it off and play with real humans way”…hypothetically, […]

Guest Posting at a FAV today…Playdough to Plato!

I’ve become pretty obsessed with Playdough to Plato’s blog, the founder, Malia…and her Pinterest board😉  She’s a kind, sweet, knowledgeable and experienced educator who gracefully ignites reading into homes all over the world in 20 minute activities a day. She also offers a 10 week mentoring program called the Plato Academy where she’ll personally guide […]

Chimpanzee 3D Book


So, this story begins with a bunch of chimps..kids…same thing. When I saw the preview for the Chimpanzee movie a month ago my teacher brain drooled over my popcorn. My brain churned like the caloric, nuclear butter on my fingertips and likely on my jeans. Flashes of chimpanzee projects danced in my head. I started […]

Guest Posting on I Can Teach My Child makes me do the running man

I’m crazy excited to be a guest poster Monday, March 19th, at I Can Teach My Child. It’s a blog not only in my favorites, but has over 12,000 Facebook likes and nearly 134,000 unique visitors! I Can Teach My Child  focuses on early childhood, but I loyally visit and find inspiration for my 5.5, […]

Here at the offices of Think Magnet…


Here at the offices of Think Magnet we strive for perfection. We are organized. Yep. Very organized. Super organized. End of story. Open the door? Pull back the curtain on the Great Oz? But I love furniture with doors. Doors that close out chaos. Furniture worth their weight in gold because you can shut out […]

I Guest Posted on I Can Teach My Child!


I’m honored and excited to have been a guest poster on Thursday, January 19th, on one of my very favorite blogs! Click this cute button to read my post about Snow Day Science. She’s one to save to your favorites. Here’s a link to one of her posts that is currently on our To Do […]