Potty Training: 12 Random Tips


Potty Training.  Sigh… Let me start off by saying, it made the Revenge Plan….for a reason. This post is dedicated to Erin and Courtney who will be starting this journey for the first time soon. Please leave them your tips in the comments! I have graduated 3 kids (2 girls and 1 boy) from potty […]

Back Seat Learners…Car Survival


There was a time during stay-at-home mom life with 3 toddlers that it was easier to just stay home. There were also many days I secretly wished I could be one of the cool moms driving around all the time sipping an iced tea with kids who could wipe their own butts. All in due […]

The Evolution of Toothbrushing


That first shiny, tooth is so cute. You call grandma. You post 6 pictures of the tooth on Facebook. You tell strangers in the grocery store line. Then soon, it hits you. That tooth just added to your parenting responsibilities. Toothbrushing. Really? Another thing to do? These teeth all fall out anyway right? Oh, ok…this […]

Sleep Deprivation is Torture


With the first child, you can “sleep when the baby sleeps”, (at least before you go back to work), which works ok if your baby sleeps. I was not so blessed in the sleep department with my first. Even the nurses at the hospital laughed about how wide awake she was, often screaming. One nurse […]

An UnPinterest Valentine’s Day: Having your cupcake and the time to eat it too.


So, the plan was to make some uber adorable cupcake cones, Thank You Pinterest, for my Valentine Daughter’s class Valentine Party at school. I signed up for both of my daughters classrooms months ago.  50 Sweet treats for V Day.  I’m on it. Well Life happens…a whole lot of life has happened the past month […]

Survival Mode: An Early Years Pep Talk

IMG_2112 (2)

Here’s a pep talk for the first 3 years, the “early childhood” years. It’s exhausting. It’s phenomenal. The world will never be the same on many levels. And, while the days can creep by and blend together, it’s also when life starts speeding up. Don’t forget YOU in all of that, it’s so easy to […]

Fake Date


Investing in your relationship takes effort and creativity, especially when you don’t have a babysitter, but it is a MUST. Here’s one of our favorite survival techniques for a quick date night fix. “Hey kids, we’re gonna play a game where you are at a restaurant by yourself! Remember, don’t talk to strangers…like your dad […]



Focus on the yellow shirt kid for a minute… Going….. Going…. GONE….Hello Meltdown, we know you well… Itty bitty babies can have HUGE meltdowns… Portrait Meltdowns I hate soccer meltdowns Wedding Meltdowns Meltdowns about melting down Public Meltdowns Stroller Meltdowns Car Seat Meltdowns The “Happy Father’s Day I’ll Remove Crabby Baby From the Restaurant While […]

Spilt Milk

IMG_5106 (2)

I am an expert on spilt milk. The person who invented the phrase “Don’t cry over spilt milk” had to be a parent of young kids. If you own a child or 2 or 3 or 4 or 7  of them and cried over spilt milk, you’d be crying all the time. Save your tears. […]

Soap Paint…Survival Tactic #281


Kitchen, a disaster. Mom, a disaster. Kids, a disaster. A one size fits all solution…..soap paint! Paintbrushes optional. This bought me a good 30 minutes, cleaned my island and the artists’ grimy little hands. On this day it was purely a sensory and free art experience, but it’s also a fun way to practice spelling, […]