Revenge Plan

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Having children is not easy. You hear that a lot before you have them, you just don’t fully comprehend it until you actually become a parent. Your learning curve depends on what kind of first born you receive. Ours was not easy, yet we pressed on to 3 kids in 31 months. Thankfully, we have a […]

My Favorite Parenting Tool


On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being curled in a ball sucking my thumb and a 10 being turning on 90s hits and dancing in my kitchen….My excitement is a 10 about joining the Playdough to Plato Team as a contributing writer.  A few weeks ago  I shared my most used and favorite parenting tool. […]

Once Upon a Fazoli—My Messy Beautiful


Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had dreamed of motherhood since she was a 12 year old-constantly-booked-$2 hr-babysitter. She nannied 3 boys all through college, one with special needs, as she earned her teaching degree…so she could be the best mom ever. We’ll just call her, Shelisa, because that’s such a […]

It Gets Better

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Dear Moms & Dads who are in the baby & toddler trenches, It gets better. Hearing that doesn’t change your exhaustion or frustration or the fact that its a treat to pee in peace…I get it. We had 3 kids in 31 months and then moved 12 hours from support. I know sleep deprivation. I […]

Parent Revolution

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We need to start a Parent Revolution to celebrate and share just how perfectly imperfect we all are. We all mess up. We all meltdown. We all feel overwhelmed. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s difficult! It’s exhausting! You’re not going to cherish every moment. We need to help each other keep margin […]

Behavior Tool


So…it’s not all this… And, as your kids get out of toddlerville and into school-age you’ll find yourself looking for some new tools for your parenting toolbox. I’m always on the hunt for positive ways to guide my kids (and students) and especially ways that keep them doing most of the thinking. One fine day, […]



Hi friends! You know when you go on a vacation, then return to find you need a vacation from your vacation to unpack and find your groove again? That’s where I’ve been blogwise.  As a teacher, August to November is crazy-busy season. I adjust back to peeing once a day, twice on a good day, […]

Our Top 7 Baby Advice


We had been asked so many times for some advice as friends had babies, we ended up typing this up and saving it. We print it and add it to our baby gift. Welcome to the Parent Club! The best advice we got was…”don’t take advice!” While that is actually a very valuable tip, you’ll likely […]

Cheap Kites: Streamers Saved My Sanity


Kites can be really, really fun. But in my experience, they are mostly annoying. I want to show up at a park with my crew and have a Mary Poppins moment of kites dancing in the glorious wind as we celebrate life and nature and all those joyous feelings that ooze out of your pores […]

Tile Floors: A tool to pass the time.


  We’ve all been there. Name a place. Name a meltdown. My son is scaredy cat at movies. Big sisters are not. My son was not so brave at Brave. So we had tile time. 1. Count the squares…and not just the obvious ones. The squares made from squares too! Or make and count rectangles. […]