Teen Beach Movies


Anyone else excited for Teen Beach 2? Disney has done it again. Just when I had finally stopped breaking into “High School Musical” routines in my kitchen on Saturday mornings, my kids have fallen for “Teen Beach Movie…and now Teen Beach 2!” They used to talk bout being president or veterinarians when they grow up, […]

Find my iPhone. Find my Daddy.


My husband gets all credit for this post. He recently went on his sort of annual camping trip with his college buddies. He drove from Kansas City to Chicago and told us to follow him along using the “Find my iPhone app”! Genius. I highly recommend it. Very informal, but informative. For good measure, we […]

The License Plate Game App


I’m nostalgic, sure. But I love me some apps. It  took me exactly 3 seconds to mourn the pencil/paper or magnetic version of the license plate game. On our recent family road trip to the lake, we passed around my phone to whoever spotted the new state plate. And, bonus, if we spotted some new […]

“Mom/Dad, What is This?” : Living History


While it’s fun to step back in time to Little House on the Prairie, I find both value and entertainment teaching the kids from the living history all around us. It gives a “voice” to history for our kids as its unfolding, and…it just plain cracks us up. John and I have written this post […]

YouTube Social Studies: Amy Walker and Her 21 Accents


My 8 year old has been fascinated with accents lately. Which made me remember….Amy Walker! She graciously appeared on my Facebook page one random day. I was mesmerized. I love accents. She’s amazing. Here’s her 21 Accents website. It even includes video tutorials! Fun stuff. “Mom, we should write down where all the accents are from!” […]

Cinco de Maya


First, I should mention my daughter’s name is Maya;) Second, I should mention No Habla Espanol, but it’s on my To Do List to which I have made little progress since 9th grade. I could order our bus tickets in Spain, but then have no idea what the ticket man was saying back to me. […]

Box City: Lessons from a cardboard box


Like many rainy days, it started with just one box…some paint…some duct tape… And…some pipe cleaners to make a special attachment for unicorns…naturally. Before long, Box City established itself as a prominent development in our basement playroom. In our Box City society, children, plastic people, singing hot wheel cars and enchanted animals live in harmony. […]

March Madness Mapping with Kids


After the kids filled out their March Madness Jr Brackets (Click Here for the post with a free Printable One!) they took turns stamping where the teams were located on a USA map. They quickly noticed the WEST didn’t show up this year, and Ohio is rocking’ with 4 teams representing! Three states have 2 teams […]

President’s Day Activity: Edible Lincoln Logs


“Hey kids, I’m setting out some pretzels, glue, paper, and a penny if you want to make a Lincoln Log Cabin for President’s Day!” My middle kid, Ava, came running. A few minutes later the other two must have heard the pretzel consumption. As we ate, I read them a few pages from a children’s […]

Map It Early


Cheap, sometimes free, easy, and educational. Sold already? Homemade or printed “real-life” maps. Laminating optional. Mapping our Move: The girls were only 18m and almost 3, and my son was only old enough to spit up on it, but I wanted a way for them to visualize our journey, especially the oldest who seemed to […]