The Frozen Giving Tree


8am: I don’t know yet if we’ll lose the kids’ first nearly daily climbing tree, but its stirred up some serious frosty emotion around here. Even bacon couldn’t cheer them up at breakfast, although it certainly boosted my parenting moment. The funny thing is it brought back nearly 30 year old emotions of my favorite […]

Snow Day Science


In honor of Winter Storm Q… It’s never too early to use the Scientific Method with your kids, well debatable with your 6 month old;) I’ve seen a variety of “scientific method” terms and lists through Googling. Use what feels right to you and remember, this isn’t NASA, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Snow […]

A Snowy Day


Our first substantial snow of the year, a few inches. Enough for a leafy snowman, a snowball fight, and some backyard sledding. We used the sledding as chance to use the Pythagorean Theorem to predict the rate of our descent….I kid. I kid.  Is that even possible? We just sledded! We laughed at the yellow snow. […]

Christmas Party by the Kids


We woke up on Thursday to a snow day! No school…but the kids also missed their highly anticipated winter parties with their classmates. With this one suggestion, “Why don’t you just throw your own party?”, they were off planning and partying from about 10am until after 3:00. I call that a success. No need for […]

Winter Wonderland in my Living Room


One very cold, wintry month we slowly converted a sofa table into a winter scene. We read about cold climates, The Arctic, Antarctica, igloos, and icebergs. We studied animals who live there and of course, watched Happy Feet;) We designed sugar cube igloos and marshmallow snowmen. They loved showing friends their table and sharing what they […]