Teachable Moments


Learning opportunities are all around, sometimes at 8am on a Wednesday, a teachable moment presents itself before school even begins. It’s my favorite kind of learning. Impulsive. Random. Inspired. Bonus Points for hilarious. When you are a Think Magnet…you jump on it…on 1 leg like a pink flamingo if you have to…in pajamas. (PS. We […]

Chimpanzee 3D Book


So, this story begins with a bunch of chimps..kids…same thing. When I saw the preview for the Chimpanzee movie a month ago my teacher brain drooled over my popcorn. My brain churned like the caloric, nuclear butter on my fingertips and likely on my jeans. Flashes of chimpanzee projects danced in my head. I started […]

Our Science Lab: Growing up the Playroom


As my kids have grown from toddlers to preschoolers to young elementary children (in, like, super sonic speed), our playroom has grown right along with us. We clean out and pass along our outgrown toys and stuff several times a year in exchange for new toys, stuff, and new areas for playtime. Something I recently […]

Dolphin Tale


Sometimes, we jump on learning ideas and other times I let a topic build a bit. After we watched, and loved, Dolphin Tale together I knew this would be a great topic to explore further. I started a secret dolphin collection to bring out on a winter day…many of these books I already had in […]

A Plants vs Zombies’ Themed Garden!


All 5 of us love the app “Plants vs Zombies”….so when it was time to plan our garden this year, it was obvious. We don’t want zombies eating our brains. We knew just what to do. We took turns playing the game until our brains were gone and added to our brainstorming list of plants. […]

Tree Activities based on Howard Gardner and Bloom’s Taxonomy


“It’s not how smart you are, it’s how you are smart.” Rene Diaz-Lefebrve Here’s another tool for you to throw in your bag. I used some of these tree ideas after seeing The Lorax as we talked about those pretty Truffula trees. When I plan a learning experience for my children or students, I try to think […]

A Butterfly Birthday Project


The middle, dig in the dirt, June baby, loves butterflies so it came to no shock that she picked this for her 6th birthday theme. Insert Butterfly Craze at our house for a few months before her birthday and really, the rest of the summer. Themes around here almost always starts with a trip to […]

Bath Math


Rub a Dub Dub, nerdy kids in the tub. Bath time is a perfect time to drown in math. Bath time is a perfect time to fill these up and dump water on the floor. Bath time is a perfect time to have something to catch an unidentified floating object. Bath time is FUN!!!! It […]



Flashlight+ wall +any age of human and maybe pets.  I realize there are “patterns” for shadow puppeting, but I recommend saving that for after that creative spark fades. Otherwise you may not get something like this: Throw in some experimenting with “stuff” you can find around the house and use those BIG, awesome science words! […]

Is There A Doctor In The House?

IMG_2107 (2)

The medical world is an important, very realistic part of our lives.  Kids will benefit with role playing at home for future doctor or hospital visits or when family or friends or classmates or teachers or strangers are dealing with surgeries or medical issues or as you talk about nutrition, sneezing in elbows, and washing […]