Nature’s Greatest Game of Catch

200711 (61)

In our first year of dating, John took me on one of our most memorable dates. He might as well have proposed that day at the park….catching falling leaves. Simple. Cheap. Goofy. Fun. About 10 years later, it was surreal, taking our 3 tiny children to reenact our date. A fall picnic in the park. […]



So, for this month’s blogger round-up the theme is “apples”. Time for a family flashback 6 years ago to that time we went crazy about apples. We were in the middle of a very big move and graciously staying at our parents’ house during the transition and house hunting. I was staying home full time […]

The Frozen Giving Tree


8am: I don’t know yet if we’ll lose the kids’ first nearly daily climbing tree, but its stirred up some serious frosty emotion around here. Even bacon couldn’t cheer them up at breakfast, although it certainly boosted my parenting moment. The funny thing is it brought back nearly 30 year old emotions of my favorite […]

Snow Day Science


In honor of Winter Storm Q… It’s never too early to use the Scientific Method with your kids, well debatable with your 6 month old;) I’ve seen a variety of “scientific method” terms and lists through Googling. Use what feels right to you and remember, this isn’t NASA, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Snow […]

Acorn People


If I were President, I would make sure each family had a childhood supply of wobbly eyes. Then, when you randomly stopped at a new park in your new city and found these little treasures, you instantly knew it was wobbly eye time. Two years later, you’ll finally get around to blogging about it while […]

Sun Art


One sunny day in 2008, I came up with this “Sun Art” activity. The kids were only 4, 3, & 2 in this first round. They picked what color of paper they wanted (good review of colors for the 2 and 3 year old). I made the letters and the 3 & 2 year old […]

Marshmallow Architecture


Rainy days…snowy days…there can be hours ready to be spent with 2 ingredients (when age appropriate)….marshmallows + toothpicks. On this day we had 5 kids, ages 8, 8, 7, 5, & 4. After some experimenting I guided the 4 year old a bit, ¬†“Can you build a triangle? Ok, hmmm…I wonder how we can turn […]

Sea Star Pretzels Legs Grow Back Too


We have been graciously given some magazine subscriptions over the years by family. “Your Big Backyard” by Ranger Rick is one of our favorites (Not paid to say that). Here’s how it often plays out at our house, but not every month. Sometimes, we just read it:) When excitement hits, a child will bring a […]

Teachable Moments: 50 Second Science


These are my favorite teachable moments. Not the spilling necessarily, but sneaking in learning naturally throughout the day. No plan. No prep time. Just action on my reaction. “Oops, Mommy…I spilled my green juice” (This post is not sponsored by Bolthouse farms, but I thank them for helping me sneak veggies into my kids) Lesson […]

Caterpillar Art for Early Childhood


It was exciting to post this first at I Can Teach My Child¬†last month. It’s equally exciting to share it at home! After reading The Hungry Caterpillar for the 86th time this particular week, it’s no wonder we decided to make caterpillars for an art project which doubled as our Mother’s Day cards that year. […]