Concrete Poetry for Kids


I love words, so to think you can use words like Legos to construct something visual is exciting to me.  Concrete poetry is like eating a piece of vocabulary candy. It’s not difficult and it’s fun. No rules. Instant gratification.  I’ve seen students and adults who think they can’t write poetry have fun with concrete […]

Ode to Dr. Seuss


This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. It was his first published book, 1937…after being rejected 27 times!  He nearly burned it after so many rejections. I’m so glad he kept following his dream. I find inspiration in this story of the story, and share it with my kids. May all parents and teachers allow our […]

Cuppa Tea: A Love Poem to Moms


For the sweet, goofy, amazing moms who read my blog, and the 3 dads and 5 grandmas that do too. I still feel dorky hitting the publish button on most days, but your comments and stories keep me moving forward. I hope I can be a teeny, tiny part of your day once in awhile. […]