The Weekly Rap: CDs to add to your Kid Music


This is my way of making you a mix-tape because I love that you are reading this.┬áDuring ages 0-4, these are the CDs we came back to again and again and again…in no particular order… We performed “The Weekly Rap” from 1-482 times a day. Thanks to youtube, you too can rap the days of […]

A Guitar Party


When I asked my 3 year old daughter about a month before her birthday how she wanted to celebrate, she didn’t hesitate, “A Guitar Party!” I love kids’ brains. This one was easy. We guitarred out for a few weeks in our playroom putting all toy guitars into focus. Too bad we weren’t ready for […]

The Little Piano Girl


Maya chose a Music Theme for her 6th birthday! I wish I could say I was musical. I am not. Unless you count singing loudly and out of tune in the car or shower, if so, I’m a rock star. We amped up studying music for about 3 weeks by listening to different types of […]