Snuggling with Noodles: My First Interview


Hi Think Magnets! On the bloggy days when I think “Why am I even doing this?” I get a new fun email. That happened last week. I got an email from, get this…The SNUGGLE BEAR! ¬†Elena Schloss is a blogger AND a voice over artist for commercials, radio, cartoons, toys, etc. She’s been the Snuggle […]

May Day Follower Fest 2012


Welcome May Day Partiers! (And to my regulars, feel free to join in or share my attempt at a highlight reel with friends you think would benefit–clicking on the header above will take you to the party!) Oh hey, watch out for that SPILT MILK. Hi! So, sorry. How embarassing! Where was I? I’m Shelisa. […]

Moving Forward


God put this strange little component into my life called moving. I haven’t lived in the same house for more than 3 years since I was 8 years old. I’m 36. Funny things about moving a lot as a kid. 1. You learn how to make new friends. You forever look for the new kids […]