Ten Apples Up On Top: Dr. Seuss Activity


Hard to pass up Dr. Seuss’s birthday without posting some of his magic…Click here for a free printable of this easy book activity! We did this quick Math and Literacy Book Response when the kids were 5, 4, & 3.  My kids all loved this book, and I had a whole bunch of apples stickers […]

Using Mario Cart to Sneak in Some Math


Mario Cart Notes 1. I have a flawless driving record, but am really bad at Mario Cart. 2. The Wii is crack to my son, but my girls take it or leave it. Sorry to use a crack analogy on a 5 year old, but its true. We council him on his addiction daily. 3. […]

Bath Math


Rub a Dub Dub, nerdy kids in the tub. Bath time is a perfect time to drown in math. Bath time is a perfect time to fill these up and dump water on the floor. Bath time is a perfect time to have something to catch an unidentified floating object. Bath time is FUN!!!! It […]

The Plate Game


We sat down for dinner in early December after dragging out all our Christmas stuff, to include these plates. My 7 year old said, “Hey, the girls all have snowmen and the boys all have santas!” And, The Plate Game was born! Rules: Find ways the people using the matching plates are connected that is […]

Math Book Recommendation


This book jumped into my cart during the preschool years at one of my favorite stores called Lakeshore.  It is an awesome way to put Math manipulatives on your brain to then guide your child through a bouncy castle of Math concepts. Hands-On Standards has a boring title, but is educational for both the parent and […]

Flour Power


My time in early childhood classes (and the fact that messes find me) made me a huge fan of sensory experiences for my kids. Take a skill from a worksheet, remove pencil and paper, add flour (or sugar or pudding or whipped cream), and wah-lah….more fun and extra credit when it’s edible. Here the kids […]

A Numbers Party!


Dawson wanted a Numbers Party for his 4th birthday. His numbers obsession started a few months prior with the Chicka Chicka 123 book. He’d take these magnetic numbers and use them as action figures. We made the Chicka tree together as part of his Numbers Theme. He loved to act out the book and move […]