Marshmallow Architecture


Rainy days…snowy days…there can be hours ready to be spent with 2 ingredients (when age appropriate)….marshmallows + toothpicks. On this day we had 5 kids, ages 8, 8, 7, 5, & 4. After some experimenting I guided the 4 year old a bit,  “Can you build a triangle? Ok, hmmm…I wonder how we can turn […]

The 10 Frame Bakery: Kindergarten Math Activity Aligned with The Common Core


Introducing my first of many “Brain Bags” aligned with Kindergarten Common Core! What’s Common Core? It’s a unified roadmap of goals and expectations per grade level through high school. 45 states have adopted using the Common Core Standards in public schools. After personally teaching in several states and 2 years of military kids from all […]

Back Seat Learners…Car Survival


There was a time during stay-at-home mom life with 3 toddlers that it was easier to just stay home. There were also many days I secretly wished I could be one of the cool moms driving around all the time sipping an iced tea with kids who could wipe their own butts. All in due […]

Math + Art: Modifying a Favorite Blogger’s Idea to Fit My Kids


I’m a huge fan of the blog, No Time for Flashcards. It is an absolute treasure chest of hands-on, fun learning. I visit often and come across Allison’s ideas on Pinterest weekly. With thousands of ideas floating across the internet, I thought it would be meaningful to show you how I took a recent idea from […]

March Madness Mascots: Graphing and Creating


Before the kids decided on what their mascots would be, we did some research on current mascots to make an informed decision. Here’s a quick printable list that I would call fairly accurate;) Accurate enough. Made impulsively so we could do some graphing. Shared with love. 2012MadnessMascotList I gave them a couple of graph options, they […]



FEED YOUR BRAIN!  It’s the simple, easy teachable moments that become my favorite. My husband grew up with puzzle sandwiches. I love continuing this tradition. A food for thought chance to practice spatial reasoning, geometry, problem solving and PATIENCE! Also, buys you some time while you’re busy filling drinks, cutting up fruit, or actually sitting […]

Puzzle Mix Up


Before you giveaway or sell your children’s lower level puzzles, try a puzzle mix up! I especially loved doing a puzzle mix up with these 2 puzzles as they were learning to differentiate from their letters and numbers. Puzzles are an educational opportunity to develop concentration, visual discrimination, spatial reasoning, logic, fine motor, problem solving, […]

Team Allowance


Our kids are 8, 6.5, & 5. We have yet to start individual allowance with them, quite frankly, it’s not in the budget until fall when I go back to work. But, we recently were inspired to try out an idea we call “Team Allowance.” We both played sports and hold team values close to […]

Home and Brain Improvement: Remodeling with the kids


1994 called…they want their wallpaper back;) Our house was a beauty in 1994, the year we graduated from high school. Fact: Kids like to rip wallpaper. For about 17 minutes. Then you must set up drum sets out of whatever you can. Or ladders and steps tools…someone remind me to set out a whole bunch […]

Sign Here: Involving Your Kids in Buying A Home


In a constant effort to find teachable moments for our kids in our daily lives, we decided to bring them to closing when we signed the contract on our new house. We took them on a few of our house hunting adventures, but not all of them. We typically look at over 50 houses before […]