March Madness Junior Bracket and Basketball Activities for Kids


We love March Madness. It’s a holiday in our house.  Click Here to Print a Free March Madness Jr Bracket! We were pumped to get the kids involved at the Sweet 16 mark the last few year, which is a more kid friendly starting point for the young ones. After watching us the first few […]

March Madness for the Classroom and Home


  March Madness is a holiday at our house. We also seem to find numerous teachable moments centered around our favorite sport. I’ve made a basketball themed packet for my Teacher’s Notebook Store and my Teacher Pay Teacher Store for $4.99. There’s also several ideas for home or school and a free printable March Madness Jr […]

Math in Your Feet and Plate Games on Your Table


I’ve added in a few exciting updates…. Well I’m just a huge fan of the site and program “Math in Your Feet” by Malke Rosenfeld.  Malke combines her gifts of dance and math. I wish my high school Algebra class would have done the same. It turns out,  The Plate Game  had a bigger impact […]

My First Online Relationship


It started with a plate and ended with tape…and a whole lot of Math and laughs in between. First, nearly a year ago in January 2012, I blogged about our family Plate Game.  The dancing, math genius named Malke from “Math in Your Feet” left a comment. She liked. I liked back. A cyber-blogging friendship of motherhood […]

Amazon Lessons: Online Shopping with Kids


1. My husband and I have an Amazon Addiction. I’m pretty sure we could never leave the house, but we’re extroverts, so we have to leave on occasion. Oh, and to go to work. 2. I love gift cards. 3. I love teachable moments. When the kids hit elementary age, we began utilizing Amazon Wish […]

Kids Cafe!


I know for sure that many of the best ideas in our house come from ignoring my kids. Not in an unsafe, unhealthy way of course, but in a “go play!” way….in a non-pinterest, unplanned “go play!” way…in a “your eyes are bleeding from the Wii, turn it off and play with real humans way”…hypothetically, […]

Darts for Kids


Let’s face it. We (parents of small kids) don’t go “out” enough. When we do we’re back in by 9:00, and its highly likely we ended up at the grocery store. If we did go out, we’re yawning by 8:00. We blame getting back for the babysitter, but really we’re just tired and want the […]

Tile Floors: A tool to pass the time.


  We’ve all been there. Name a place. Name a meltdown. My son is scaredy cat at movies. Big sisters are not. My son was not so brave at Brave. So we had tile time. 1. Count the squares…and not just the obvious ones. The squares made from squares too! Or make and count rectangles. […]

Roll and Rock On


Take a learning target. Add dice. It feels like a game and adds in a graphing element. I’ve seen many of these “Roll and Write” pages floating around teacherville before, but I couldn’t find one with a “bank” of letters/numbers/sight words/shapes to foster differentiation and independence for morning work or early finisher time or centers […]

The Morphing of Box City


In an unfinished basement in suburbia, rattled with toys, books and art projects, there came to be known a space called Box City. A collection of mostly Amazon boxes…treasure carriers that collectively served three growing brains’ imagination and became a platform for unexpected life lessons. Box City lasted for months and months. Just when we […]