Roll and Rock On


Take a learning target. Add dice. It feels like a game and adds in a graphing element. I’ve seen many of these “Roll and Write” pages floating around teacherville before, but I couldn’t find one with a “bank” of letters/numbers/sight words/shapes to foster differentiation and independence for morning work or early finisher time or centers […]

DIY “Invisible Ink” (Crayon Resist)for Writing and Practicing Spelling


I am always on the hunt for fun ways to practice spelling words! Crayon resist has been around forever, but it wasn’t until Easter Eggs this year…A-ha!! Another way to practice spelling, or practice your super spy skills. Write the word, words, message, or design with a white crayon… then paint over it with water […]

Spelling Practice Tool: Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle


Here’s a link I came across in a recent teacher college course, and wanted to share with you, another tool to practice spelling or vocabulary. There are some crosswords to play, but I love the crossword puzzle maker. I just made my 1st grade daughter a crossword puzzle with this week’s spelling words in about […]

Akeelah and the Bee


It’s totally up to you to decide whether watching the full movie is appropriate for your children. It’s rated PG.¬†Here’s a link that will give you more details about that.¬† Akeelah uses rhythm and movement as one way to help her spell. This may be an idea to try with your child for studying their […]

Just Roll With It


Oldest child will sit for hours and “study”, always has. She loves homework. Jury still out on the youngest. Middle kid….not so much. She’s usually bouncing or upside down. This doesn’t really work for “sit down and do your homework”, so we roll with it. Literally. Wednesday vocabulary sentences Week 1 she sat at the […]

Sweet Spelling


Once upon a time there were two beautiful witches who returned from a night of Trick or Treating with 3lbs of candy a piece, not including a little Mario who had nearly 4lbs! While the older witch had a magical love for spelling, the other had a magical love for candy. Buddy the Elf from […]

Alphabet Soup


Have you ever taken the time to play with your alphabet soup? I think you should. That is all. –Shelisa

Flour Power


My time in early childhood classes (and the fact that messes find me) made me a huge fan of sensory experiences for my kids. Take a skill from a worksheet, remove pencil and paper, add flour (or sugar or pudding or whipped cream), and wah-lah….more fun and extra credit when it’s edible. Here the kids […]