Spelling Practice Tool: Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle


Here’s a link I came across in a recent teacher college course, and wanted to share with you, another tool to practice spelling or vocabulary. There are some crosswords to play, but I love the crossword puzzle maker. I just made my 1st grade daughter a crossword puzzle with this week’s spelling words in about […]

A Family Attitude of Gratitude: Shared Writing


Writing with your kids is an authentic way to teach them many concepts of  reading and writing. I have a “shared writing” spot in our playroom and you’ll see this in most early childhood classrooms. I now use a giant notebook from a teacher store, but you could use a whiteboard, or easel chalkboard/whiteboard, a […]

The Tale of the Three Trees


As I had trees on my brain this past month (maybe always?) with my Differentiated Learning Class, and Paper Tree Tutorial, a tucked away book  JUMPED out at me at our church bookstore called “The Tale of the Three Trees”. I swear the book chooses us sometimes. Have you heard it before? I hadn’t. Apparently […]

The Giving Tree: Enchanting Your Child’s Room for Less


Start with 3-4 rolls (depending on how much space you have for your tree) of brown wrapping paper priced about $4 a roll. OR, save up free packing paper from boxes shipped to your house. Unwrap. Scrunch as you unroll. Scrunch and crunch. You can’t mess this up! Great for kids to help and build […]

Reverse Offering


Last Sunday, our church did something it never does…passed around an offering basket. But this was a REVERSE offering! Envelopes were filled with $1-$100. We waited until we got home. Then we waited some more. We prayed. We thought. We knew we wanted to get the kids involved. It turned into our dinner table talk […]

Ode to Dr. Seuss


This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. It was his first published book, 1937…after being rejected 27 times!  He nearly burned it after so many rejections. I’m so glad he kept following his dream. I find inspiration in this story of the story, and share it with my kids. May all parents and teachers allow our […]

Ten Apples Up On Top: Dr. Seuss Activity


Hard to pass up Dr. Seuss’s birthday without posting some of his magic…Click here for a free printable of this easy book activity! We did this quick Math and Literacy Book Response when the kids were 5, 4, & 3.  My kids all loved this book, and I had a whole bunch of apples stickers […]

Think Boards!


Thanks to the dollar bin at Target this week and leftover scrapbook paper, I finally made my children “Think Boards” for $3! It’s a project that had been in my mind for months, but buying new frames wasn’t in the budget so I kept putting it off. But for $3, bring it on! The frames […]



Family Game Night or Morning or Mid Afternoon…no matter when you play together, it’s one of the best things you can do with your kids…and other adults when the kids go to bed;) Here’s one of our new and top played games in our game hutch. I had never heard of multi- award winning Dixit or […]

Pancake Art


One morning I was feeling particularly delirious and tired after multiple night time wake ups from my 3, 2, 1 year olds. Can’t remember why or who, but I decided not to be grumpy about it. Sometimes that’s a hard decision. My lack of sleep increased my creativity that morning as I started pouring pancakes. […]