Jenae’s I Can Teach My Child To Read Ebook!


I’m a longtime, huge fan of Jenae and her blog “I Can Teach My Child”. I’m also a huge fan of reading…and learning through 10 easy steps. Combine all of that and you get Jenae’s “I Can Teach My Child To Read Ebook!” Jenae, a former first grade teacher, current stay at home mom, and […]



12-12-12 Lists! Any excuse to simmer the cheese in my brain and have fun conversations with the ┬ákids. My oldest child and I came up with a need to do something for 12-12-12. A time capsule came to mind, but something easy. We decided to write down 12 random thoughts like current favorites, wishes, wonders, […]

Roll and Rock On


Take a learning target. Add dice. It feels like a game and adds in a graphing element. I’ve seen many of these “Roll and Write” pages floating around teacherville before, but I couldn’t find one with a “bank” of letters/numbers/sight words/shapes to foster differentiation and independence for morning work or early finisher time or centers […]

Personalized Alphabet Book


There’s no better way to teach your child the alphabet (or anything?) then making it about them. There’s a reason the letters they often learn first are the ones in their name. It’s all about ME, ME, & MINE. Sound familiar? When my daughters were 4 & 3, I came across “blank books” at a […]

Beanie Babies Reading Strategies


Have you seen the Beanie Baby Reading Strategies before? They are a set of animals that help teach decoding skills and another set that teach comprehension strategies.┬ácome across them a few times via Pinterest and many other teacher blogs. The original idea came from April Schilb, and you can visit her website here. Thanks to […]

The Morphing of Box City


In an unfinished basement in suburbia, rattled with toys, books and art projects, there came to be known a space called Box City. A collection of mostly Amazon boxes…treasure carriers that collectively served three growing brains’ imagination and became a platform for unexpected life lessons. Box City lasted for months and months. Just when we […]

Sea Star Pretzels Legs Grow Back Too


We have been graciously given some magazine subscriptions over the years by family. “Your Big Backyard” by Ranger Rick is one of our favorites (Not paid to say that). Here’s how it often plays out at our house, but not every month. Sometimes, we just read it:) When excitement hits, a child will bring a […]

While You Were Gone…


Every once in awhile, the kids come in their room to find their animals have been reading! It’s an instant invitation to curl up and read. And laugh. I’ll add in something like “You’ve been reading to Riley Dog so much, he’s learning to read!” or “Looks like Riley Dog really wants you to finish […]

DIY “Invisible Ink” (Crayon Resist)for Writing and Practicing Spelling


I am always on the hunt for fun ways to practice spelling words! Crayon resist has been around forever, but it wasn’t until Easter Eggs this year…A-ha!! Another way to practice spelling, or practice your super spy skills. Write the word, words, message, or design with a white crayon… then paint over it with water […]

Chimpanzee 3D Book


So, this story begins with a bunch of…same thing. When I saw the preview for the Chimpanzee movie a month ago my teacher brain drooled over my popcorn. My brain churned like the caloric, nuclear butter on my fingertips and likely on my jeans. Flashes of chimpanzee projects danced in my head. I started […]