March Madness for the Classroom and Home


  March Madness is a holiday at our house. We also seem to find numerous teachable moments centered around our favorite sport. I’ve made a basketball themed packet for my Teacher’s Notebook Store and my Teacher Pay Teacher Store for $4.99. There’s also several ideas for home or school and a free printable March Madness Jr […]

Pete the Cat Pumpkin


It’s alllllll good with Pete the Cat chilling on your porch for fall. Book character pumpkins are my new favorite thing for fall decor and I can’t wait to make more! I made this one for a school library contest (2nd place!) and plan on having a family book character pumpkin painting night closer to […]



So, for this month’s blogger round-up the theme is “apples”. Time for a family flashback 6 years ago to that time we went crazy about apples. We were in the middle of a very big move and graciously staying at our parents’ house during the transition and house hunting. I was staying home full time […]

Kindness Journal

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.28.39 PM

As a teacher, I am responsible to teach children a jam-packed day full of academic curriculum. But, I also guide them in growing their hearts too. I want to share one tool I made and used last year with my 2nd graders called a “Kindness Journal” or “Bucket Book” (for those of you who “fill buckets”). After […]

Pancake Art Part 2


Did you know March 4th is Pancake Day? So as not to be confused with a perfect pancake maker, I’d like to start by sharing this…I mess up all the time. I mess up pancakes, budgets, clean countertops, fitness, and well, let’s stop there for now. But occasionally…my pancake artistic talents shine. I give some credit […]

DIY Book Brackets


Living in Kansas, we’re all pretty crazy about basketball and March Madness. My kindergarten is also crazy about Dr. Seuss. So it made perfect sense to me to combine the two! Over the course of several weeks, we read a Sweet 16 of Dr. Seuss books. We applied our reading and comprehension strategies along the […]

Amazon Lessons: Online Shopping with Kids


1. My husband and I have an Amazon Addiction. I’m pretty sure we could never leave the house, but we’re extroverts, so we have to leave on occasion. Oh, and to go to work. 2. I love gift cards. 3. I love teachable moments. When the kids hit elementary age, we began utilizing Amazon Wish […]

Book Blitz!


My middle daughter enjoys reading, but we’re trying to nudge her to bookworm status. Her wonderful 2nd grade teacher is a huge inspiration to Ava in countless ways, but it was a recent class “snowball book blitz” that helped our daughter push herself to read chapter books. The class was divided into two teams and […]

Kids Cafe!


I know for sure that many of the best ideas in our house come from ignoring my kids. Not in an unsafe, unhealthy way of course, but in a “go play!” way….in a non-pinterest, unplanned “go play!” way…in a “your eyes are bleeding from the Wii, turn it off and play with real humans way”…hypothetically, […]

Early Writing


Being a writer was the first thing I remember wanting to become, so naturally I’ve always had an affinity and fascination with both the process and product. I am an imperfect writer with a comma addiction. My grammar rules are fuzzy, but my passion for writing is undeniable as is my desire to help foster […]