Nature’s Greatest Game of Catch

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In our first year of dating, John took me on one of our most memorable dates. He might as well have proposed that day at the park….catching falling leaves. Simple. Cheap. Goofy. Fun. About 10 years later, it was surreal, taking our 3 tiny children to reenact our date. A fall picnic in the park. […]

Mental Health for Kids


Between my own 3 kids and the 100s that have walked into my classrooms, I have seen children exhibit a wide arrange of emotions…not to mention my own. There’s always much to learn in parenting and guiding our children in their mental health should be high on our list. As a Playdough to Plato contributor, I […]



My tween has been thinking a lot (too much) about her life purpose…as in her LIFE purpose. That makes me really evaluate where I am in my mid-life purpose (read “crisis”). My first reaction is to tell her to stop thinking about it and go play. Then I take a deep breath and see the […]

The 30 Women Project Interview

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It was an honor to be interviewed for The 30 Women Project by Their mission is “To inspire and encourage women in their 30’s to be who they are designed to be by providing thoughts and insights about life, love and leadership”. As a 39 year old…I barely made the cut-off! Whew… Click here to […]

Organizing Your Kids’ School Work


First, we won’t discuss how far behind I am on family scrapbooking even though I swore I would keep up because I’m the third kid and my baby book is still incomplete. Nope, not a topic today because a guilt cloud jumps out of the sky and lands on my shoulders when I bring it […]

New Life


It’s been nearly a month since my last post. I have avoided my computer and blog for weeks now. I’ve been kind of speechless after basically witnessing a miracle.  Everything else has simultaneously seemed irrelevant but also glorious. My life pause button had been pressed. Pause. Breath. Pray. Appreciate. And, I guess I’ve finally stopped […]

The Frozen Giving Tree


8am: I don’t know yet if we’ll lose the kids’ first nearly daily climbing tree, but its stirred up some serious frosty emotion around here. Even bacon couldn’t cheer them up at breakfast, although it certainly boosted my parenting moment. The funny thing is it brought back nearly 30 year old emotions of my favorite […]

Kids Cafe!


I know for sure that many of the best ideas in our house come from ignoring my kids. Not in an unsafe, unhealthy way of course, but in a “go play!” way….in a non-pinterest, unplanned “go play!” way…in a “your eyes are bleeding from the Wii, turn it off and play with real humans way”…hypothetically, […]

A Snowy Day


Our first substantial snow of the year, a few inches. Enough for a leafy snowman, a snowball fight, and some backyard sledding. We used the sledding as chance to use the Pythagorean Theorem to predict the rate of our descent….I kid. I kid.  Is that even possible? We just sledded! We laughed at the yellow snow. […]



12-12-12 Lists! Any excuse to simmer the cheese in my brain and have fun conversations with the  kids. My oldest child and I came up with a need to do something for 12-12-12. A time capsule came to mind, but something easy. We decided to write down 12 random thoughts like current favorites, wishes, wonders, […]