Middle Kid Awesomeness


I don’t buy into all the birth order stuff, but I do find it fascinating, right along with simply analyzing my children’s personalities. In my child development classes in my undergrad, I leaned more towards nurture over nature, sighting examples from my adopted brother. But, as I became a parent, I realized I had less control […]

Amazon Lessons: Online Shopping with Kids


1. My husband and I have an Amazon Addiction. I’m pretty sure we could never leave the house, but we’re extroverts, so we have to leave on occasion. Oh, and to go to work. 2. I love gift cards. 3. I love teachable moments. When the kids hit elementary age, we began utilizing Amazon Wish […]

Teachable Moments


Learning opportunities are all around, sometimes at 8am on a Wednesday, a teachable moment presents itself before school even begins. It’s my favorite kind of learning. Impulsive. Random. Inspired. Bonus Points for hilarious. When you are a Think Magnet…you jump on it…on 1 leg like a pink flamingo if you have to…in pajamas. (PS. We […]

Tree Activities based on Howard Gardner and Bloom’s Taxonomy


“It’s not how smart you are, it’s how you are smart.” Rene Diaz-Lefebrve Here’s another tool for you to throw in your bag. I used some of these tree ideas after seeing The Lorax as we talked about those pretty Truffula trees. When I plan a learning experience for my children or students, I try to think […]

Pause Laws


1. Before you do almost anything…ask yourself “Is this a teachable moment for my children?” 2.  Anytime you ask your baby/toddler/child a question…pause….give them TIME to think and speak. Bite your tongue. Don’t jump in, especially for those little guys who are taking baby steps into language. 3.  “Mooooooom, Maya’s not sharing the….”  My response […]