Dodo Donuts


  Yum. Donuts. Thank you Babycakes Machine of Magic. Don’t you just want to pop one of these beauties in your mouth? It gets better. Mouth-watering, huh? Let me give you the recipe for these flakey spheres of delight. When they are nice and warm from the Babycakes Machine of Magic, roll them in the […]



Focus on the yellow shirt kid for a minute… Going….. Going…. GONE….Hello Meltdown, we know you well… Itty bitty babies can have HUGE meltdowns… Portrait Meltdowns I hate soccer meltdowns Wedding Meltdowns Meltdowns about melting down Public Meltdowns Stroller Meltdowns Car Seat Meltdowns The “Happy Father’s Day I’ll Remove Crabby Baby From the Restaurant While […]

Shufflin Grandpa


We just can’t stop rewatching this clip and shuffling around the house. May we all have the spirit of¬†Shufflin Grandpa and the spunk of my favorite part…the yellow shirt guy. Makes me want to buy a mustard yellow shirt and come bustin’ through the house or down the grocery aisle. Here’s to shufflin through life, […]

Spilt Milk

IMG_5106 (2)

I am an expert on spilt milk. The person who invented the phrase “Don’t cry over spilt milk” had to be a parent of young kids. If you own a child or 2 or 3 or 4 or 7 ¬†of them and cried over spilt milk, you’d be crying all the time. Save your tears. […]



Oh man. The kids just laugh and laugh at this. I find myself feeling sorry for Panda Mom. Haven’t we all done that before? “Oh, thank God, the baby is finally asleep. I am finally gonna just sit and relax and eat this snack in peace…. Achooooo. –Shelisa

George Washington


I have no words.