Revenge Plan

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Having children is not easy. You hear that a lot before you have them, you just don’t fully comprehend it until you actually become a parent. Your learning curve depends on what kind of first born you receive. Ours was not easy, yet we pressed on to 3 kids in 31 months.┬áThankfully, we have a […]

Pic Monkey for Kids


I am a HUGE fan of Pic Monkey for editing pictures online. You see my Pic Monkeyed pictures constantly on this blog. Sometimes I add words, borders, use various filters, or all of the above. Much to my surprise, when I visited Pic Monkey today I was greeted by a Halloween Theme and Tools! My […]

Sorting Nuts


I didn’t wake up this day planning on telling the kids that sometimes boys’ testicles are referred to as nuts. We’d only used the scientific terms up until that point. I just wanted to order up some killer wings, drink a beer, and try this famous BLT I’d heard about. Family time. About halfway through […]

“Mom/Dad, What is This?” : Living History


While it’s fun to step back in time to Little House on the Prairie, I find both value and entertainment teaching the kids from the living history all around us. It gives a “voice” to history for our kids as its unfolding, and…it just plain cracks us up. John and I have written this post […]

Tunnels and Snacks: AKA Soccer Season


This is it. My big idea. Here’s the rules. 1. Open to ages 3-6ish. 2. No practice during the week. 3. Games will last 15 minutes. 3 games max allowed in a season. 4. Co-ed teams and siblings are welcome. 5. 2 minute warm-up, 5 Minutes for tunneling, 3 minutes for picking dandelions and pointing […]

Marshmallow Toes


It started out as a normal egg dying family time for Easter. Until I tossed some marshmallows from a fruit salad I was making on the table. “Hey, wanna dye some marshmallows?” Naturally, that led me to throwing marshmallows at John to catch in his mouth. 5 in a row…then 7 in a row…then a […]

Nascar and Education


Many of you know it’s Nascar time. Many more of you do not. My Nascar fan husband and I have been cracking up thinking how a Nascar Sponsorship Approach to education could channel appreciated money into the public school system, home schools, charter schools, private schools, daycares, preschools, and after school programs. Sponsors baby. Endorsements. […]

Un Sun Chips


What crazy person came over to my house and put the Sun Chips in the freezer? I know it wasn’t me. I have it all together. I am in control at all time. I know it would be insane to put Sun Chips in the freezer. That would be the opposite of Sun. Someone who […]

Note to Self


    1. See if I still have any notes from my Children’s Art Therapy Class. 2. If not, find a class immediately. 3. Sign myself up for finding clowns so creepy. 4. Make a house rule that no creepy clown art be displayed in our unfinished basement (aka our playroom) so when Mom goes […]

Me+Car Door = Harry Potter


Oh life…you just have to laugh. Maybe it was the flip flops. Maybe it was the slope of the driveway. ┬áBut, probably it was because I am a total klutz. It happened so fast as I went to join the carline at school. I opened the car door on my face. On my FACE! Blood […]