Kindness Journal

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As a teacher, I am responsible to teach children a jam-packed day full of academic curriculum. But, I also guide them in growing their hearts too. I want to share one tool I made and used last year with my 2nd graders called a “Kindness Journal” or “Bucket Book” (for those of you who “fill buckets”). After […]



My tween has been thinking a lot (too much) about her life purpose…as in her LIFE purpose. That makes me really evaluate where I am in my mid-life purpose (read “crisis”). My first reaction is to tell her to stop thinking about it and go play. Then I take a deep breath and see the […]

Meeting a Warrior and Giving Away Her Book!


I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I wrote stories for fun, was in journalism & media in high school, but nothing ever came of it. I became busy with a “real” career in teaching and writing became a distant hobby. In 2004-2006, I had 3 babies in 31 months. Boom. […]

Leaving a Legacy For Your Children


I’ve been fortunate to have my own mother in all 37 years of my life. She’s answered any question I’ve ever asked her and helped me become a mother to my own children. I have a million memories of her and know her inside and out. The same is true for my dad. And, they […]

Teaching Our Kids to Share the Love

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As any proud cheeseball,  I live for love. While we cherish guiding our children to learn about everything from volcanoes to poetry, nothing is more important to us than teaching our children how to love others. Unconditionally. Without boundaries or rules or prejudices. Whole-hearted. Love. John and I are often talk about how to teach […]

Family Love You Box


It’s Love Box time! For the record, ANY time of the year can be love box time. Everyone likes to hear why they are loved and appreciated, right?  And philosophically, everyday should be Valentine’s Day…so we’re stretching out the reason for the season for 2 weeks at our house. We’re setting up a “love box” right […]

Hugging Tighter


Happy New Year! Here’s my New Year’s Resolution. I’m sorry my thoughts occasionally spill out in poetic melodrama. You may enjoy it more while eating a block of Velveeta. Hug tighter To time, to each other, to connections Breathe deeper To relax, to live, to care Not perfectly Just laughing through the imperfections of life […]

Teachable Moments


Learning opportunities are all around, sometimes at 8am on a Wednesday, a teachable moment presents itself before school even begins. It’s my favorite kind of learning. Impulsive. Random. Inspired. Bonus Points for hilarious. When you are a Think Magnet…you jump on it…on 1 leg like a pink flamingo if you have to…in pajamas. (PS. We […]

A Family Attitude of Gratitude: Shared Writing


Writing with your kids is an authentic way to teach them many concepts of  reading and writing. I have a “shared writing” spot in our playroom and you’ll see this in most early childhood classrooms. I now use a giant notebook from a teacher store, but you could use a whiteboard, or easel chalkboard/whiteboard, a […]

Reverse Offering


Last Sunday, our church did something it never does…passed around an offering basket. But this was a REVERSE offering! Envelopes were filled with $1-$100. We waited until we got home. Then we waited some more. We prayed. We thought. We knew we wanted to get the kids involved. It turned into our dinner table talk […]