Roll and Rock On


Take a learning target. Add dice. It feels like a game and adds in a graphing element. I’ve seen many of these “Roll and Write” pages floating around teacherville before, but I couldn’t find one with a “bank” of letters/numbers/sight words/shapes to foster differentiation and independence for morning work or early finisher time or centers […]

Just Roll With It


Oldest child will sit for hours and “study”, always has. She loves homework. Jury still out on the youngest. Middle kid….not so much. She’s usually bouncing or upside down. This doesn’t really work for “sit down and do your homework”, so we roll with it. Literally. Wednesday vocabulary sentences Week 1 she sat at the […]

Pudding Paint!


There’s a time and a place to play with your food! Especially, when you are a toddler! Let go and let your babies make those messes. The little scientist or artist or designer or engineer or chef or surgeon or pudding maker in them will thank you. The great thing about “painting” with pudding is […]

Homework Contract


If you said the word “homework” or “writing” with Ava in kindergarten, she went straight to fetal position. It was a great reminder of something I knew well, that children learn differently. What worked for my firstborn with homework, clearly wasn’t a fit for Ava. I hadn’t even asked Ava about her thoughts on the […]

Soap Paint…Survival Tactic #281


Kitchen, a disaster. Mom, a disaster. Kids, a disaster. A one size fits all solution…..soap paint! Paintbrushes optional. This bought me a good 30 minutes, cleaned my island and the artists’ grimy little hands. On this day it was purely a sensory and free art experience, but it’s also a fun way to practice spelling, […]