Pete the Cat Pumpkin


It’s alllllll good with Pete the Cat chilling on your porch for fall. Book character pumpkins are my new favorite thing for fall decor and I can’t wait to make more! I made this one for a school library contest (2nd place!) and plan on having a family book character pumpkin painting night closer to […]

Pic Monkey for Kids


I am a HUGE fan of Pic Monkey for editing pictures online. You see my Pic Monkeyed pictures constantly on this blog. Sometimes I add words, borders, use various filters, or all of the above. Much to my surprise, when I visited Pic Monkey today I was greeted by a Halloween Theme and Tools! My […]

Old Costumes as Easy, Cheesy Decor!


Before you Ebay or hand down some of those old costumes, if they are not being used in your playroom, save a few favorites or firsts to use as easy, cheesy, quick Halloween decoration.Ignore any and all eyerolling by spouses or cynical guests. Here’s the Pinterest version… And, first let me show you the real […]

Halloween Parent Tricks for Toddlers


Wild Kingdom, indeed. The monkey was 2.5, the zebra was 15 months, and the turtle was…well a turtle…6 weeks old. No way we were going trick or treating. Turns out, “playing” trick or treat was the best trick ever. And, trying to explain to a 2 and 1 year old that if they rang the […]

Odyssey October


I promise to always be honest with you. I’m a great starter, but not a good finisher. I’ve learned when it comes to teaching, it’s ok, because the kids should be the finishers!  A project you thought would fill a snow day could last for hours or could grow into several days.  A project you […]

Sweet Spelling


Once upon a time there were two beautiful witches who returned from a night of Trick or Treating with 3lbs of candy a piece, not including a little Mario who had nearly 4lbs! While the older witch had a magical love for spelling, the other had a magical love for candy. Buddy the Elf from […]