100 Days of Play–Props!


Hi Friends! It’s an honor to be a of part of the 100 Days of Play Blog Hop co-hosted by Sun Scholars and Life at the Zoo.  100 Days. 100 bloggers from around the world. 100 ideas of simple play.  These play ideas only take five minutes and any materials needed are common household supplies.   Check out the link […]

Book Blitz!


My middle daughter enjoys reading, but we’re trying to nudge her to bookworm status. Her wonderful 2nd grade teacher is a huge inspiration to Ava in countless ways, but it was a recent class “snowball book blitz” that helped our daughter push herself to read chapter books. The class was divided into two teams and […]

Darts for Kids


Let’s face it. We (parents of small kids) don’t go “out” enough. When we do we’re back in by 9:00, and its highly likely we ended up at the grocery store. If we did go out, we’re yawning by 8:00. We blame getting back for the babysitter, but really we’re just tired and want the […]

Roll and Rock On


Take a learning target. Add dice. It feels like a game and adds in a graphing element. I’ve seen many of these “Roll and Write” pages floating around teacherville before, but I couldn’t find one with a “bank” of letters/numbers/sight words/shapes to foster differentiation and independence for morning work or early finisher time or centers […]

Puzzle Mix Up


Before you giveaway or sell your children’s lower level puzzles, try a puzzle mix up! I especially loved doing a puzzle mix up with these 2 puzzles as they were learning to differentiate from their letters and numbers. Puzzles are an educational opportunity to develop concentration, visual discrimination, spatial reasoning, logic, fine motor, problem solving, […]

Brain Game on a Tray


It’s likely you’ve seen this brain game before, maybe even at a bridal or baby shower, but it’s worth mentioning. My kids have fun with this one in both playing and setting up the tray of random objects. Players have 1 minute to view the tray of items, then they write down all they can […]



Family Game Night or Morning or Mid Afternoon…no matter when you play together, it’s one of the best things you can do with your kids…and other adults when the kids go to bed;) Here’s one of our new and top played games in our game hutch. I had never heard of multi- award winning Dixit or […]

The Plate Game


We sat down for dinner in early December after dragging out all our Christmas stuff, to include these plates. My 7 year old said, “Hey, the girls all have snowmen and the boys all have santas!” And, The Plate Game was born! Rules: Find ways the people using the matching plates are connected that is […]

Thinking Outside the Puzzle Box


There’s the obvious way to match up this puzzle. Well, almost obvious. My 3 year old son had no idea what a tea cup or saucer was or that a shirt and tie went together or what an anchor was…I blame his informal parents who do not go boating while drinking tea in dress clothes. […]