Pancake Art Part 2


Did you know March 4th is Pancake Day? So as not to be confused with a perfect pancake maker, I’d like to start by sharing this…I mess up all the time. I mess up pancakes, budgets, clean countertops, fitness, and well, let’s stop there for now. But occasionally…my pancake artistic talents shine. I give some credit […]



FEED YOUR BRAIN!  It’s the simple, easy teachable moments that become my favorite. My husband grew up with puzzle sandwiches. I love continuing this tradition. A food for thought chance to practice spatial reasoning, geometry, problem solving and PATIENCE! Also, buys you some time while you’re busy filling drinks, cutting up fruit, or actually sitting […]

Deflated Basketball Cake Pops


  PINTEREST FAIL! Yeah…so…I got stuffed on my slam dunk attempt for basketball donut holes. They look like nuclear meatballs. I’m pretty sure it’s because I got cocky. Instead of setting up a play, I thought I could break the zone on my own. Showboat. Pump up the crowd. I’m left on the ground with […]

An UnPinterest Valentine’s Day: Having your cupcake and the time to eat it too.


So, the plan was to make some uber adorable cupcake cones, Thank You Pinterest, for my Valentine Daughter’s class Valentine Party at school. I signed up for both of my daughters classrooms months ago.  50 Sweet treats for V Day.  I’m on it. Well Life happens…a whole lot of life has happened the past month […]

Pancake Art


One morning I was feeling particularly delirious and tired after multiple night time wake ups from my 3, 2, 1 year olds. Can’t remember why or who, but I decided not to be grumpy about it. Sometimes that’s a hard decision. My lack of sleep increased my creativity that morning as I started pouring pancakes. […]