Easter Bunny Cake–Updated for 2017!

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When I was a little unicorn loving tomboy (yes, its a possible mix), I loved this Easter Bunny Cake my mom made every year. I even liked the coconut she strategically only put on the ears because my big, ugly, stinky brothers did not like coconut. She did 95% of the cake and decorating when […]

Marshmallow Toes


It started out as a normal egg dying family time for Easter. Until I tossed some marshmallows from a fruit salad I was making on the table. “Hey, wanna dye some marshmallows?” Naturally, that led me to throwing marshmallows at John to catch in his mouth. 5 in a row…then 7 in a row…then a […]

Quick, Cheap Easter Bunny Gift Bag


I was given my first Easter Bunny sack in college, from one of the most creative people I know…my then future mother-in-law. For over 15 years now, I look forward to my bunny sack of treats. She knows I love chocolate. Gooooood chocolate. This year I also got a margarita popsicle. I love her. I […]

Fake Egg Dying and other Early Childhood Easter Ideas


The girls were 4 and almost 3…leaving a little bull in a china shop brother who was 18 months, and, or course, wanted to do everything the “big” kids are doing. Since his “big” sisters, were still little enough to need a lot of help, we faked Dawson out a bit to get started. (Last […]

A Dozen Ways to Love Others: An Easter Egg Activity


  Faith, hope, and love; But the greatest of these is love…. As part of celebrating Easter this year we asked the kids over dinner, what does it look like to love others?  Love our family. Love our friends. Love each other. Love teachers. Love classmates. Love our school. Love church friends. Love our coaches. […]