Sun Art


One sunny day in 2008, I came up with this “Sun Art” activity. The kids were only 4, 3, & 2 in this first round. They picked what color of paper they wanted (good review of colors for the 2 and 3 year old). I made the letters and the 3 & 2 year old […]

The Morphing of Box City


In an unfinished basement in suburbia, rattled with toys, books and art projects, there came to be known a space called Box City. A collection of mostly Amazon boxes…treasure carriers that collectively served three growing brains’ imagination and became a platform for unexpected life lessons. Box City lasted for months and months. Just when we […]

DIY “Invisible Ink” (Crayon Resist)for Writing and Practicing Spelling


I am always on the hunt for fun ways to practice spelling words! Crayon resist has been around forever, but it wasn’t until Easter Eggs this year…A-ha!! Another way to practice spelling, or practice your super spy skills. Write the word, words, message, or design with a white crayon… then paint over it with water […]

Math + Art: Modifying a Favorite Blogger’s Idea to Fit My Kids


I’m a huge fan of the blog, No Time for Flashcards. It is an absolute treasure chest of hands-on, fun learning. I visit often and come across Allison’s ideas on Pinterest weekly. With thousands of ideas floating across the internet, I thought it would be meaningful to show you how I took a recent idea from […]

Caterpillar Art for Early Childhood


It was exciting to post this first at I Can Teach My Child last month. It’s equally exciting to share it at home! After reading The Hungry Caterpillar for the 86th time this particular week, it’s no wonder we decided to make caterpillars for an art project which doubled as our Mother’s Day cards that year. […]

A Plants vs Zombies’ Themed Garden!


All 5 of us love the app “Plants vs Zombies”….so when it was time to plan our garden this year, it was obvious. We don’t want zombies eating our brains. We knew just what to do. We took turns playing the game until our brains were gone and added to our brainstorming list of plants. […]

Box City: Lessons from a cardboard box


Like many rainy days, it started with just one box…some paint…some duct tape… And…some pipe cleaners to make a special attachment for unicorns…naturally. Before long, Box City established itself as a prominent development in our basement playroom. In our Box City society, children, plastic people, singing hot wheel cars and enchanted animals live in harmony. […]

The Giving Tree: Enchanting Your Child’s Room for Less


Start with 3-4 rolls (depending on how much space you have for your tree) of brown wrapping paper priced about $4 a roll. OR, save up free packing paper from boxes shipped to your house. Unwrap. Scrunch as you unroll. Scrunch and crunch. You can’t mess this up! Great for kids to help and build […]

Home and Brain Improvement: Remodeling with the kids


1994 called…they want their wallpaper back;) Our house was a beauty in 1994, the year we graduated from high school. Fact: Kids like to rip wallpaper. For about 17 minutes. Then you must set up drum sets out of whatever you can. Or ladders and steps tools…someone remind me to set out a whole bunch […]

Pudding Paint!


There’s a time and a place to play with your food! Especially, when you are a toddler! Let go and let your babies make those messes. The little scientist or artist or designer or engineer or chef or surgeon or pudding maker in them will thank you. The great thing about “painting” with pudding is […]