Pete the Cat Pumpkin


It’s alllllll good with Pete the Cat chilling on your porch for fall. Book character pumpkins are my new favorite thing for fall decor and I can’t wait to make more! I made this one for a school library contest (2nd place!) and plan on having a family book character pumpkin painting night closer to […]

Back to School Teacher Gift


As a teacher and mom, I’ve always been obsessed with magnets. Ahem…see blog name. We often pick up a magnet when we travel. In my classroom, we have several magnetic walls. It’s heavenly. As summer is winding down and my teacher to do list is growing, I was looking for a craft that met a few […]



A tangram literally means “7 boards of skill” and goes way back to China a long, long, long time ago. Tangrams feed your brain concepts like fractions, geometry, spatial reasoning,  symmetry… all while employing problem solving, fine motor, and patience with a side of art.  And, most kids and adults have fun with them. When […]

DIY Family Art: Trees


Once upon a Pinterest, I pinned 3-4 eye catching art projects to do with the kids. They probably sat on my boards for months. Until one day, after staring at this wall space above our front door for over 2 years, it clicked…a combination of several pins. And, I had a gift card for Michael’s. Serendipity. […]

Pic Monkey for Kids


I am a HUGE fan of Pic Monkey for editing pictures online. You see my Pic Monkeyed pictures constantly on this blog. Sometimes I add words, borders, use various filters, or all of the above. Much to my surprise, when I visited Pic Monkey today I was greeted by a Halloween Theme and Tools! My […]

Displaying Children’s Artwork at Home


I’ve moved a lot. Like….a lot a lot.  One of the many things I’ve learned in hauling your stuff in and out of boxes, is that you learn quickly the things you love, the things you like, and the things you can forget about quickly. I’m soooooo done moving and I want to fill my home […]



Our latest family art was inspired by my MLK post where I came across Family Frugal’s Fun Blog which lists this dove art from The Crafty Crow…I love parent-blogs, save these 2 to your favorites! So many ideas floating around out there. Thank you Family Frugal and Crafty Crow! The kids were genuinely excited to add this […]

Inside Looking Out


“Mama, do you like my picture?” says my then 6 year old middle, lefty, resourceful, observant, think outside the box kid. Readers, how you answer your child’s questions help grow that cute, widdle brain under that hat or fizzle out  the creative fire. Be mindful. In the example above, I was honestly thinking “this doesn’t […]

Acorn People


If I were President, I would make sure each family had a childhood supply of wobbly eyes. Then, when you randomly stopped at a new park in your new city and found these little treasures, you instantly knew it was wobbly eye time. Two years later, you’ll finally get around to blogging about it while […]

Crafty Campfires


Apparently, it takes 9000 hours to get a kindergarten room up set up from scratch before the students arrive. Then, about 22 hours a day the first 3 weeks of school to get things running smoothly. Thankfully, teachers have bladders of steel. It’s a prerequisite into the teacher program, if you didn’t know. That doesn’t […]