A Numbers Party!


Dawson wanted a Numbers Party for his 4th birthday. His numbers obsession started a few months prior with the Chicka Chicka 123 book. He’d take these magnetic numbers and use them as action figures. We made the Chicka tree together as part of his Numbers Theme. He loved to act out the book and move […]

3, 2, 1 Blast-Off…A Rocket Party


My son had been obsessed with rockets for the past 6 months or so, thanks to Little Einsteins. We had just moved, were staying with family, and so we kept it really simple which is also the beauty of it;) Yes, of course you can laugh at the wonkiness of the cake. I have a […]

I Spy


Prior to my daughter’s “I Spy” birthday party we played and played SPIES! Often the kids would awake to a mystery to solve…a missing toy, a broken crayon with a clue, missing letters to our magnetic alphabet. They would run around the house with magnifying glasses in hand making up their own mysteries to solve. […]

The little girl who loves DINOSAURS!


Ava’s birthday fell right in the middle of our move because she’s the middle kid and apparently there’s a curse that goes along with that. BUT her theme couldn’t have been easier thanks to a traveling dinosaur exhibit in town and a TRex cafe nearby. The weeks leading up to her birthday we wrote/told dinosaur […]

Twooooo Toot! The Two Train


2 year old + trains = happy…this theme was a no brainer! Plus he was obsessed with the Choo Choo Soul Girl. We added a train conductor outfit to our dress up area and a train set to our toys. I suppose we could have just stopped there;) Instead of a huge train party (I […]

Yellow Party


Let me set a small stage. We had been at a corporate apartment for about a month after moving 12 hours away from our family. The kids were 3 months, 18 months, and the birthday girl turning 3. It was crazy. We were still trying to make sense of all the stuff we brought to […]

Birthday Philosophy


I have an addiction. Themes. I love teaching around themes. We kind of naturally fall into themes around here, as you will see. So, it’s natural, around birthday time for the kids to pick a theme that’s not always available to buy at Party City, hence a lot of brainstorming and creativity ensues. The 1st […]