Personalized Alphabet Book


There’s no better way to teach your child the alphabet (or anything?) then making it about them. There’s a reason the letters they often learn first are the ones in their name. It’s all about ME, ME, & MINE. Sound familiar? When my daughters were 4 & 3, I came across “blank books” at a […]

All Aboard! Come On, Ride the Train….


Prerequisite: Save this activity for when a few of your kids have a good grasp at letters. We had a lot of success with Leapfrog Letter Factory. You could also break up the idea into a bag a day or week. Maybe decorate each bag with some pictures. We left the ABC train out all week and […]

Leap into the Alphabet!


I want to start by saying, I am not paid by Leapfrog. (Leapfrog, call me:) When my first daughter was toddling, I put some magnetic letters we were given as a gift on the fridge, more out of desperation to actually cook dinner than to teach. I put up the letters in her name (a […]

Good Night Wand


With our first, our bedtime routine was rock solid. She was an awful sleeper and sensory sensitive, so we had to be on our A game with that kid until about 3 years old. She LOVED telling things Good Night (after hearing Good Night Moon 4000 times by 9 mths old). Using wands or pointers […]

Alphabet Soup


Have you ever taken the time to play with your alphabet soup? I think you should. That is all. –Shelisa



If you do one thing with your child each day….read, read, read. Read early. Read often. Read even when you are tired. 5 minutes. Read even when you are busy. Read with funny voices. Read in a soft voice when you need to calm the room. Read books and magazines and poems and newspapers and cookbooks […]