Organizing Your Kids’ School Work


First, we won’t discuss how far behind I am on family scrapbooking even though I swore I would keep up because I’m the third kid and my baby book is still incomplete. Nope, not a topic today because a guilt cloud jumps out of the sky and lands on my shoulders when I bring it […]

Middle Kid Awesomeness


I don’t buy into all the birth order stuff, but I do find it fascinating, right along with simply analyzing my children’s personalities. In my child development classes in my undergrad, I leaned more towards nurture over nature, sighting examples from my adopted brother. But, as I became a parent, I realized I had less control […]

Meeting a Warrior and Giving Away Her Book!


I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I wrote stories for fun, was in journalism & media in high school, but nothing ever came of it. I became busy with a “real” career in teaching and writing became a distant hobby. In 2004-2006, I had 3 babies in 31 months. Boom. […]

Pancake Art Part 2


Did you know March 4th is Pancake Day? So as not to be confused with a perfect pancake maker, I’d like to start by sharing this…I mess up all the time. I mess up pancakes, budgets, clean countertops, fitness, and well, let’s stop there for now. But occasionally…my pancake artistic talents shine. I give some credit […]

Parent Revolution

IMG_0353 (2)

We need to start a Parent Revolution to celebrate and share just how perfectly imperfect we all are. We all mess up. We all meltdown. We all feel overwhelmed. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s difficult! It’s exhausting! You’re not going to cherish every moment. We need to help each other keep margin […]

MLK Day!


From 2013… My children have not experienced discrimination, so it always comes as a bit of a shock when I explain it to it should. We’ve drilled it into their heads and hearts our favorite message from Jesus…love. Love all. In their world thus far, that’s just how it is. To think otherwise seems […]

Behavior Tool


So…it’s not all this… And, as your kids get out of toddlerville and into school-age you’ll find yourself looking for some new tools for your parenting toolbox. I’m always on the hunt for positive ways to guide my kids (and students) and especially ways that keep them doing most of the thinking. One fine day, […]



Hi friends! You know when you go on a vacation, then return to find you need a vacation from your vacation to unpack and find your groove again? That’s where I’ve been blogwise.  As a teacher, August to November is crazy-busy season. I adjust back to peeing once a day, twice on a good day, […]

A Fulfilling Ornament Project


Cheap + Unbreakable + Fine Motor + Pretty= perfect ornament project for your students or children. Gather up pretty paper, scissors, and pencils. I made a station for each child. I bought these plastic ornaments at Michael’s for  50 cents! Best part, other than it being cheap and unbreakable, is that you can’t mess it […]

DIY Family Art: Trees


Once upon a Pinterest, I pinned 3-4 eye catching art projects to do with the kids. They probably sat on my boards for months. Until one day, after staring at this wall space above our front door for over 2 years, it clicked…a combination of several pins. And, I had a gift card for Michael’s. Serendipity. […]