The little girl who loves DINOSAURS!


Ava’s birthday fell right in the middle of our move because she’s the middle kid and apparently there’s a curse that goes along with that. BUT her theme couldn’t have been easier thanks to a traveling dinosaur exhibit in town and a TRex cafe nearby. The weeks leading up to her birthday we wrote/told dinosaur […]

Twooooo Toot! The Two Train


2 year old + trains = happy…this theme was a no brainer! Plus he was obsessed with the Choo Choo Soul Girl. We added a train conductor outfit to our dress up area and a train set to our toys. I suppose we could have just stopped there;) Instead of a huge train party (I […]

Yellow Party


Let me set a small stage. We had been at a corporate apartment for about a month after moving 12 hours away from our family. The kids were 3 months, 18 months, and the birthday girl turning 3. It was crazy. We were still trying to make sense of all the stuff we brought to […]

Birthday Philosophy


I have an addiction. Themes. I love teaching around themes. We kind of naturally fall into themes around here, as you will see. So, it’s natural, around birthday time for the kids to pick a theme that’s not always available to buy at Party City, hence a lot of brainstorming and creativity ensues. The 1st […]

George Washington


I have no words.