Back to School Teacher Gift


As a teacher and mom, I’ve always been obsessed with magnets. Ahem…see blog name. We often pick up a magnet when we travel. In my classroom, we have several magnetic walls. It’s heavenly. As summer is winding down and my teacher to do list is growing, I was looking for a craft that met a few […]

Kindness Journal

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As a teacher, I am responsible to teach children a jam-packed day full of academic curriculum. But, I also guide them in growing their hearts too. I want to share one tool I made and used last year with my 2nd graders called a “Kindness Journal” or “Bucket Book” (for those of you who “fill buckets”). After […]



My tween has been thinking a lot (too much) about her life purpose…as in her LIFE purpose. That makes me really evaluate where I am in my mid-life purpose (read “crisis”). My first reaction is to tell her to stop thinking about it and go play. Then I take a deep breath and see the […]

The 30 Women Project Interview

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It was an honor to be interviewed for The 30 Women Project by Their mission is “To inspire and encourage women in their 30’s to be who they are designed to be by providing thoughts and insights about life, love and leadership”. As a 39 year old…I barely made the cut-off! Whew… Click here to […]

My Favorite Parenting Tool


On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being curled in a ball sucking my thumb and a 10 being turning on 90s hits and dancing in my kitchen….My excitement is a 10 about joining the Playdough to Plato Team as a contributing writer.  A few weeks ago  I shared my most used and favorite parenting tool. […]

Teen Beach Movies


Anyone else excited for Teen Beach 2? Disney has done it again. Just when I had finally stopped breaking into “High School Musical” routines in my kitchen on Saturday mornings, my kids have fallen for “Teen Beach Movie…and now Teen Beach 2!” They used to talk bout being president or veterinarians when they grow up, […]

Once Upon a Fazoli—My Messy Beautiful


Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had dreamed of motherhood since she was a 12 year old-constantly-booked-$2 hr-babysitter. She nannied 3 boys all through college, one with special needs, as she earned her teaching degree…so she could be the best mom ever. We’ll just call her, Shelisa, because that’s such a […]

It Gets Better

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Dear Moms & Dads who are in the baby & toddler trenches, It gets better. Hearing that doesn’t change your exhaustion or frustration or the fact that its a treat to pee in peace…I get it. We had 3 kids in 31 months and then moved 12 hours from support. I know sleep deprivation. I […]

Our Mother’s Day Tradition


My first Mother’s Day in 2004, our baby daughter was 3 months old and still crying all the time. We were a wreck. It was hard to get out. My husband planned a simple, sweet (quick) outing that became our official Mother’s Day tradition. We stopped at a beautiful greenhouse, where fussing was fine, and […]



A tangram literally means “7 boards of skill” and goes way back to China a long, long, long time ago. Tangrams feed your brain concepts like fractions, geometry, spatial reasoning,  symmetry… all while employing problem solving, fine motor, and patience with a side of art.  And, most kids and adults have fun with them. When […]