Easter Bunny Cake–Updated for 2017!

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When I was a little unicorn loving tomboy (yes, its a possible mix), I loved this Easter Bunny Cake my mom made every year. I even liked the coconut she strategically only put on the ears because my big, ugly, stinky brothers did not like coconut. She did 95% of the cake and decorating when […]

March Madness Junior Bracket and Basketball Activities for Kids


We love March Madness. It’s a holiday in our house.  Click Here to Print a Free March Madness Jr Bracket! We were pumped to get the kids involved at the Sweet 16 mark the last few year, which is a more kid friendly starting point for the young ones. After watching us the first few […]

March Madness for the Classroom and Home


  March Madness is a holiday at our house. We also seem to find numerous teachable moments centered around our favorite sport. I’ve made a basketball themed packet for my Teacher’s Notebook Store and my Teacher Pay Teacher Store for $4.99. There’s also several ideas for home or school and a free printable March Madness Jr […]

Revenge Plan

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Having children is not easy. You hear that a lot before you have them, you just don’t fully comprehend it until you actually become a parent. Your learning curve depends on what kind of first born you receive. Ours was not easy, yet we pressed on to 3 kids in 31 months. Thankfully, we have a […]

Teaching Kids Gratitude


This month at Playdough to Plato, I talk about one of my favorite life lessons for kids…practicing gratitude. Learning the habit of counting my blessings has certainly kept my spirits up and kept problems in perspective. Especially on days I feel like this.  Or days when I want to cry over spilt milk.  Pausing and […]

Parenting Perseverance


For this month’s parenting post on Playdough to Plato, I wanted to share something I’ve spent much time lately thinking about. I have three really cool kids, who are all sensitive in different ways. While we honor sensitivity and tender hearts around here, I’m also seeing the need for a bit more grit…not too much, […]

Pete the Cat Pumpkin


It’s alllllll good with Pete the Cat chilling on your porch for fall. Book character pumpkins are my new favorite thing for fall decor and I can’t wait to make more! I made this one for a school library contest (2nd place!) and plan on having a family book character pumpkin painting night closer to […]

Nature’s Greatest Game of Catch

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In our first year of dating, John took me on one of our most memorable dates. He might as well have proposed that day at the park….catching falling leaves. Simple. Cheap. Goofy. Fun. About 10 years later, it was surreal, taking our 3 tiny children to reenact our date. A fall picnic in the park. […]

Mental Health for Kids


Between my own 3 kids and the 100s that have walked into my classrooms, I have seen children exhibit a wide arrange of emotions…not to mention my own. There’s always much to learn in parenting and guiding our children in their mental health should be high on our list. As a Playdough to Plato contributor, I […]



So, for this month’s blogger round-up the theme is “apples”. Time for a family flashback 6 years ago to that time we went crazy about apples. We were in the middle of a very big move and graciously staying at our parents’ house during the transition and house hunting. I was staying home full time […]