Think Magnet is a place to laugh and learn through life while having family fun and maintaining some sanity. My children attend an excellent public school about 178 days a year, and the other 187 days plus evenings and weekends we are (often, but certainly not always) purposeful in play and projects. And many times that just means me pointing them in the right direction so I can enjoy “me” time.  Did I mention my floor is often crunchy and I ignore laundry mountains? We’re informal, perfectly imperfect, and often in pajamas.  I’ve learned the art of ignoring them in a valuable environment and I’ve learned to create learning experiences out of thin air.

My goal is to help my children be magnets to learning, be both independent and good team members, and see learning as never-ending and without boundaries. I want them to embrace their gifts and weaknesses and be able to use both to make the world a better place in their own ways. With my kids close in age, we just go for it and modify as needed. Let your children lead the way!

Established: Think Magnet was established in my brain long before you are reading it in 2012. Quite frankly, it was difficult to find time to go to the bathroom from 2004-2009, then it was really hard to  have complete thoughts about Think Magnet from 2009-2011. But it was always there, in my foggy brain or on sticky notes or half -used spiral notebooks, keeping me company and holding me accountable among the chaos. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: This blog is based on my humble opinions, personal experiences, and education background…but all subject to change depending on if I’ve had my morning cuppa tea.  Keep in mind I have no idea how my children will turn out. They are only 10, 9, & 7.5. If you have any problems arising from Think Magnet, you implemented ideas at your own risk and I take zero responsibility.

DEDICATION  (Only read this part if you’re cheesy like me and also, will never win an Oscar)

This site is dedicated and written for my children, should I not make it to grandmahood, they’ll have access to a few of my tricks. There was a method to my madness. And, of course, to my logistically minded, fix-it man, inventive, playful, intelligent and super hot husband, John, who is my teammate in everything for life. Thank you to the kids’ four sets of grandparents who supplied 75% of the toys you see on this blog…and, for providing us with wonderful childhoods.  I would be nowhere in the parenting years without a huge support system of goofy, honest, loyal friends and family who guide me in a multitude of important issues from the meaning of life to my children’s poop. Thank you for laughing with, and sometimes at, John and I through this phase of life. A shout out to my Okie Mamas, who literally entered motherhood with me weeks apart and turned a 3 year play (support) group into a lifetime of friendship and fellowship.  Thank you to my first sisters, Innercircle, for keeping the dorky teenager alive in me all these years. Yaptors, you are one crazy, beautiful, diverse group of teachers who teach me countless life lessons.  When I moved 12 hours from home with a 2, 1, 3m old, my Springboro Team kept a zip in my tired step.  To my forever workspouse and team teacher, Angie, no matter how many miles or years are between us we always find ways to learn and teach together.  And, Jesus, thank you for 1,000 reasons, but especially for listening and guiding me in my seasons of life… I don’t understand it all, but I couldn’t do it without you.