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So, for this month’s blogger round-up the theme is “apples”. Time for a family flashback 6 years ago to that time we went crazy about apples. We were in the middle of a very big move and graciously staying at our parents’ house during the transition and house hunting. I was staying home full time with the kids who were 5, 4, and 3. I went ahead and enrolled my oldest in the local kindergarten and used my teacher skills at home with the other two.  Our apple obsession started with a trip to “Alldredge” apple orchard in the Kansas City area.

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See why we were so inspired? Beautiful! Plus, when your kids are 5, 4, & 3 big, wide open spaces with food  and animals are the perfect location.

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So, step 1. Find a local apple orchard. As much as we loved Alldredge, writing this post has inspired me to search out a new apple orchard adventure for us this year.

Step 2. You can stop at step 1. Really, it’s ok. There will be ample, appley learning at an orchard. That’s our plan this year! Orchard visit…and eating of course!

Optional steps below.

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My family is kind of obsessed with taste tests. I blame the coke vs pepsi challenge in the 80s. So, get your apple tasting on! We were having a slew of family over that day. As part of our potluck, we made up these plates with 6 types of apples. Family sampled, then we collected the data!

IMG_9280 (2)

Obviously, if Honeycrisp would have been an option the landslide of honeylove would have made a boring graph. To this day (6 years after this taste test), my kids are always reading apple labels to find ones we haven’t tried. Jazz apple, anyone? But, take note…we do not graph it. Only sometimes we spaz out with data. Pace yourself, people.

200909 009 (2)

We made cute folders to be all official with our appley apple addiction. You can imagine the various appley papers inside. We did some journal writing, handwriting, apple counting, etc.

001 (2)

We used the apple tree to have deep conversations about the seasons, like “Mom, how to I get glue out of my eye?”

200909 062 (2)

We made silly apple smile snacks, of course.

200909 006 (2)

And we observed, sorted, measured, and compared apples by different attributes in between bossing each other around.

200909 035 (2)

We used the bruised apples from our observations to do some apple stamping and patterning.

IMG_9265 (2)

Then used the best apples to make an apple pie as we read “How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World” by Marjorie Priceman and “The Apple Pie Tree” by Zoe Hall.


There are so many great appley books. You can see our “Ten Apples Up On Top” book activity here. 


Happy Apple Season!


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