Teen Beach Movies

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Anyone else excited for Teen Beach 2?

Disney has done it again. Just when I had finally stopped breaking into “High School Musical” routines in my kitchen on Saturday mornings, my kids have fallen for “Teen Beach Movie…and now Teen Beach 2!” They used to talk bout being president or veterinarians when they grow up, but now their biggest debate is if they want to be a biker or a surfer. I say they can bike to the white house, surf on the weekends, and sing all the way in between. When an obsession like this hits at my house, we embrace it and try to find a way to sneak in some learning…like totally, dude. That’s rad. And…we sing everything that comes out of our mouth. Did I mention we don’t sing well?


Look, I’m honest and I love when other blogs are too. I didn’t make a big pinteresty event with 40 different crafts and food. Ready for what we did? Hold on to your surfboards. After watching Teen Beach Movie at least 4 times, we watched the original 1963 “Beach Party” classic with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicelo. Then, we talked. That’s it. Compare & Contrast & Connect. Bam. History. Bam. Relationships. Bam. Surf slang. Bam.


My kids are 9, 8, & nearly 7. There were a few parts in “Beach Party” John and I talked loudly over or fast forwarded¬†out of paranoia, but it was tame enough. We’ve also had many fun talks around the kitchen island this week about what other movies we’d like to show up in, like they did in “Teen Beach Movie”. Cool concept. I’d love to show up in Pretty in Pink and dance with Duckie.

I’m pumped about more movie mash-ups and time travel talk. If you want to go Pinterest Crazy over a Beach Theme, check out my beachy pinterest board where I’ll pin 100s of ideas and not do them:)



Ok, that’s not all true. We’ve done a few beachy things around here over the years.

Have a totally tubular day, Shelisa


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  1. It sounds like a wonderful family night. I loved that you took the time to talk about the movies with your kids. I think as they get older, they need less and less “activities” and more “talking and connecting”, especially with more “grown up” movies. I’m so glad you linked up to the After School Party.

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