Our Mother’s Day Tradition

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My first Mother’s Day in 2004, our baby daughter was 3 months old and still crying all the time. We were a wreck. It was hard to get out. My husband planned a simple, sweet (quick) outing that became our official Mother’s Day tradition. We stopped at a beautiful greenhouse, where fussing was fine, and I was able to shop in peace. We came home and spent the day planting. Simple. Lovely. Lasting. The perfect gift.

As we added children and years, this tradition grew more special to us all.

Reasons to plant a Mother’s Day Gardening Tradition

1. Budget Friendly: The truth is, we’d buy flowers to plant anyway, it’s in our budget for spring. Some years more than others.The gift is the experience. Laughing and enjoying Mother Nature with Mom. Learning about gardening. Passing on a skill to my children. Priceless.

2. Stress Free:  A Husband’s dream. A tradition communicates to everyone how to be involved. No one is spending unneeded time shopping or stressing over me or spending money on “stuff” I don’t need. I love flowers. I love gardening. Time with my family doing something I love is a perfect gift. Of course, they do sneak in little surprises too, like cards or making me breakfast or a garden tool.

3. Picture Happy: We take plenty of pictures to freeze this yearly special occasion. The kids know how much I love pictures. Another simple way to give to Mom.

4. Picnic or BBQ: Planting day just calls for an easy picnic or delicious BBQ, a favorite of mine. Another way to celebrate that’s relatively stress free and fits the theme. My husband runs the show on this meal. No fighting expensive, packed restaurants.

5. A Tradition That Can Grow with Them: As they grow older and move away (sniff, sniff), I want them to always know what they can give Mom for Mother’s Day. No brainer. Not expensive. Send seeds. Send bulbs. Send a gift card to a greenhouse or hardware store that carries flowers. They’ll know I’ll cherish it. I’ll think back to all the times we planted together. And, when they see flowers or plant at their homes they’ll think of me;)

6. Easy and Meaningful to Share: We’ve imposed this tradition on the 4 grandmothers. We send a homemade card with seeds or a gift card for flowers, a flowery-spring kid craft, or occasionally we’ve been able to hand deliver a pretty plant.  My mom loves knowing she’s “in” on our tradition.

May your Mother’s Day Traditions bloom this year, Shelisa

Click the sunflower to read a cheesy Mother’s Day post involving sunflowers.


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  1. I love this tradition! Perhaps we will adopt it.

  2. KC in VA says:

    This has been our family tradition forever and a day! Forget Sunday shoes and a fancy brunch, Mother’s Day always finds me in rubber shoes with muddy hands and surrounded by giggling girls handing me plants root-side-up as they flick fertilizer everywhere. It’s supposed to rain this Mother’s Day here…planting maybe, but greenhouse yes, always a trip to get my spring flowers. And for my mother, my sister and I give her flats of marigolds and pansies each year. Thus as been our tradition with our mom and our tradition with our kids…LOVE seeing that someone else enjoys the company of worms of Mother’s Day too 🙂

    • KC, is it weird that your comment made me cry? 😉 Thank you for sharing. I love your writing. And, yes, I do love muddy hands and wiggly worms. Marigolds make me think of my mom too. Happy Mother’s Day, KC!

      • KC in VA says:

        I’m a mother now, nothing is weird anymore..odd is ordinary! So even if it is weird my first comment made you cry, I’m going to follow you blog anyway 🙂 lol Happy Mother’s Day right back atcha!

        • KC, do you have a blog or articles or books? You should. And, for the record, I said that without a thought of a single tear forming in my eye.

          • KC in VA says:

            Lol…I don’t have a blog or articles or a book, but thanks for the compliment. I do have an overstuffed journal and carpal tunnel syndrome from eating up the storage on my desktop writing away, but nothing that has hit the internet…and at this point it’s much too sloppy for cyberspace, so it’ll stay crammed into one giant Word document collecting viruses until I’m an old lady I suppose. I tell myself that my daughters will enjoy reading them when they are grown and will enjoy knowing that their mother had a brain full of thoughts back in the day when I was viewed as nothing more than a meal-fetching, snot-wiping, sing-Disney-songs-on-demand fixture that resided in the kitchen. (seriously my children think I live in the kitchen. they gave my mother a tour of our house when we moved in and showed each bedroom and called the master bedroom “Daddy’s Room” and when my mother laughed and asked them where Mommy’s room was my then-3-year-old scratched her head and said “She lives in the kitchen I guess!”)

            I love reading a well written blog though and am enjoying yours immensely 🙂

            Ok, you have the last word here, we’re going to be able to make a book with comments on comments soon, lol..I’m going to sneak through your archives and drop comments where I please, catch me if you can! 🙂

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