Meeting a Warrior and Giving Away Her Book!

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I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I wrote stories for fun, was in journalism & media in high school, but nothing ever came of it. I became busy with a “real” career in teaching and writing became a distant hobby. In 2004-2006, I had 3 babies in 31 months. Boom. I needed an outlet. I wrote my first blog post on January 10th, 2007 for my family and friends. Five long years later in January 2012, I shakily went public.  A chance to connect with other moms, spread some reality, embrace the chaos, and keep some teaching ideas polished.


The summer after I had started,  this hilarious post officially called “Closer to Fine” and known virally as “The Bag On Head Post”  written by Momastery’s Glennon Doyle Melton came across my FB feed. I was instantly hooked. Over the years, Momastery makes me laugh and is a valuable connection to hundreds of people and situations I may not experience otherwise.  I’m in awe of Glennon’s leadership to love and serving others with words, “Love Flash Mobs”, and Monkee See Monkee Do Projects. I also love to read through the comments from “Monkees” (followers) who share a passion for authenticity, loving others unconditionally, and remarkable experiences. I learn from them too.


If you are new to Glennon and Momastery, her book “Carry On, Warrior” is a perfect way to meet her. It’s like skipping the formalities of a handshake and going straight for a hug with a brand new friend.  Bam. It’s an underline, highlight, and share kind of a book. You can imagine my excitement when I learned Glennon was coming to Kansas City. But the thing is…I almost didn’t go. You know how it is…calendars and stuff and kids and could I really sneak in a “me” night?


Yes. Yes I could.Thank you Husband. All I had to say was “Momastery” and he pushed me out the door. Thank you Rainy Day Books for bringing Glennon to KC!

And let it begin with sushi. Many of my “me” times begin this way.  Plus, where there are Monkees…Nice happens. Changing lanes was a piece of cake. Nice ladies letting me in. Parking…waved ahead. Going in the wrong door…no problem, a Monkee will be there to say “hey, it’s this one, let’s find our tickets together”. Heading in the bathroom with a Monkee, she’ll hold the door and let you go ahead. If you sneezed in this room, 3 people within earshot said “Bless you”. I am not making this stuff up. Constant kindness and smiles and rainbows and unicorns…well, not perfect unicorns, ones with battle scars and stories to tell.


Very fitting to the LOVE fest going on in this atmosphere, was the fact that we were in Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City staring at a stage with the word LOVE on the stained glass window. I would have left happy just hanging and mingling among these Monkees with my sushi belly and chatting about the book, but the night was just beginning. Here came Glennon!


Glennon was vibrant, hilarious, and real. She talked about kindness, being brave, serving others, balance, and life’s rhythm. Nourishment for your soul. She answered questions from the audience, then the signing line started.

Since I had bought the ticket the night before I would be the 3rd to last to meet her, but I did score a front row seat. I had zero complaints to sit, listen to music, people watch, chat, and do some rereading for nearly 2 hours. No Whack a Mole Bedtime for me tonight! I was impressed each time I glanced up to see Glennon greet her nearly 400 KC Monkees…she served each with what they needed…a warm smile, a hug, laughs, encouragement, celebration, compassion, and connection. Again and again Glennon smiled for pictures with her Monkees at this kindness circus.

And Sister was there too! Glennon’s sister, who is known on the blog and in the book as “Sister”, was running around in high heels with her 7 month preggers belly giving away t-shirts to Monkees who were posting pics on the Momastery FB page. No t-shirt gun needed. She hand delivered those t-shirts while taking time to laugh, chat, connect, hold babies, and give away some hugs. What a sweet soul!


And with a handful of people left in the room. It was MY turn!

I wanted to say “Glennon, we go waaaaaaay back to when I brushed my teeth once a week and put cans of green beans in the freezer! But now I’m so grown up and my kids dress themselves and I’m back in the classroom and we’re still a mess most of the time but we embrace the chaos and laugh about life and stick together when its hard and I write when I can and I remember to breathe and pray and where did you get your boots and what should I do next and don’t you need to go to the bathroom?

But Sister, who I had the privilege of talking with during my 2 hours of wait time, may have seen my lack of word formation and said “Glennon, she had 3 kids in less than 3 years!”  Glennon laughed and hugged me and said “You needed a night out!” Then, I’m pretty sure she said, “Let’s be best friends forever and have a secret handshake!” Not too sure about that last part, it’s a bit fuzzy.


Would yooooooou like a signed copy? Momastery sent me a book to give away when I joined in on the Messy Beautiful Series and she happily signed it that night. This is my very first blog giveway, so good luck to us both.

Click here to view this promotion.

Are you a Monkee? Have you read the book? Did you get a chance to hear her speak?

Tell me more!




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  1. Shelisa, I found your post via the Momastery FB page, and I’m so glad I did. I met G in Nashville, and your words made me laugh with recognition. I was so nervous to meet her, but when I did, it was like reuniting with a long-lost friend. And the other Monkees? What a group. Glad to connect with you too.

    • thinkmagnetkids says:

      Hi Caroline, I was feeling kind of wonky about my post, but your comment made me smile. Hitting the publish button is so hard, especially being a widdle biddy blogger writing about a ginormous blogger. Cool comments make it worthwhile. It sounds like we had a very similar experience. I’m positive if we were to bump into each other at a Monkee convention you would open the door for me or chat about life or find some way to be kind. You did that today for me with your comment! 🙂

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