Pancake Art Part 2

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Did you know March 4th is Pancake Day?

So as not to be confused with a perfect pancake maker, I’d like to start by sharing this…I mess up all the time. I mess up pancakes, budgets, clean countertops, fitness, and well, let’s stop there for now.


But occasionally…my pancake artistic talents shine. I give some credit to my dad for starting my pancake affection. He taught me how to make smiley face pancakes with I was about 10. In 1985, it was the only thing he knew how to cook. In 2013, it’s still the only thing he knows how to cook. Love you Dad!


Click on the picture above to read about one, tired 3 toddler morning when a pancake squid with chocolate ink saved my soul.


In my original Pancake Art post, I introduced you to Pancake Jim’s website and talked about how excited I was to get his book AND this cool (cheap–$9) “pancake pen!”  Guess what came in the mail? *Note: I am not paid by Jim or the makers of the Pancake Pen…unfortunately. Sidenote: Dear Food Network, give this guy a show!


And guess what sat on my kitchen counter the next 3 weeks reminding me of how I just can’t do it all while I wrapped up 3rd quarter in my kindergarten class? But it’s ok. One glorious Saturday morning, to kick off spring break, I started with the most obvious STEP 1.


We sat around the island in jammies and looked through Jim’s book while the pan heated up. We unanimously decided to try the dog first, in honor of our beloved Risby’s 2nd birthday that week.

First lesson for the kids “Follow the directions, but also don’t be afraid to do your own thing.”  We designed our dog to look more like our sweet, 60lb lapdog.


And, while I am basically a rule follower by nature, I am a directions skimming, hands-on learner. I need that exploration time before I get serious about studying a topic, even pancakes. A great lesson for the kids too. So, after the puppy dog, we put away the book…and played. Pancake play time. And it…was… epic! First, we had fun. Second, I was shocked at how many “life” lessons (academic, social, emotional) came from our time in the kitchen together, pancaking away. Things like “don’t give up” and “try, try again” and “take chances” and “take constructive criticism well” and “give genuine compliments”, etc.  And third, yum.


I’ll leave you with a few favorites…


As I served this hoop, the kids pointed out it was in the book! They were kind enough to not compare the two. Until my next one…ahem..


Apparently, Pancake Jim is also WAY better at making unicorns. I also (clearly) made this one without referencing Jim.


But it’s ok. After all….I did have a sunflower moment. My favorite was watching my middle kid. My think outside the box, stand on the box kid. It took 20 minutes before she even lifted a fork to eat her butterfly.


Before she could eat the butterfly it was

A monster

A strong man with a hat

A tornado chasing some guy

A control panel

A man who picked a very large gourd

A man under a tree

And, a man looking at the arctic sky with those swirly light things

One of the best Saturday mornings ever. And, we repeated it again on Sunday….and our first morning of spring break. Pancakes have never tasted so good in my life.


Here’s to all your life enlightening pancake making!



PS. When you break a dish at the end of all this pancake palooza just yell “OPAAAAAAA!”

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